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The Best Soccer Players from Argentina

Argentina is a country that has produced some of the best soccer players in the world. From Diego Maradona to Lionel Messi, Argentina has been home to some of history’s most talented and successful soccer players. In this article, we will look at some of the best soccer players from Argentina who have impacted the game and left their mark on history.

We will discuss their achievements, awards, and contributions to the sport. So let’s get started!

Diego Maradona

We’ll start this list with one of the greatest players in world football. 

Diego Maradona was the talisman of Argentine soccer for the longest time. While he played for multiple clubs throughout his legendary career, he’s best known for his stint in Napoli. He finished his club career with 259 goals in 491 games.

However, he’s best known for gifting Argentina their second World Cup victory. While his Hand of God smeared the legitimacy of his World Cup win, his Goal of the Century probably canceled it out.

Maradona was known for his scoring, dribbling, and vision. Argentina and the footballing world mourned when he passed away on November 2020.

Javier Mascherano

Javier Mascherano is widely considered one of the country’s best defensive exports. Fans of Barcelona and Liverpool fondly remember his ability as a defensive anchor in the backline or as a defensive midfielder.

He started his career for River Plate and made a quick stop at Corinthians before flying off the continent. His first European stop was at Liverpool, but it was in Barcelona where he made his mark. 

Mascherano was an integral cog in Barcelona’s defense, allowing their attackers to attack freely without worrying about the backline. He won plenty of silverware with the Blaugrana.

He eventually left Barcelona in 2018 and played two more seasons before calling it a career in 2020.

Sergio Aguero

Aside from Maradona, Sergio Aguero is another great Argentine striker. He’s a prolific scorer who made his most significant mark as the frontman of a Manchester City side that dominated for much of the 2010s.

He started his career at home, scoring 18 goals for Independiente as a seventeen-year-old striker. He was quickly snatched by Atletico Madrid, where he was immediately thrust into the first team and got playing time in the first team.

He eventually went to the Sky Blues, winning five Premier League titles and one FA Cup. He joined Barcelona on a free transfer in the 2021/22 season, where he had to retire prematurely due to a heart condition.

Lionel Messi

What better way to end this list than with the player many consider the greatest of all time?

Lionel Messi has long endured comparisons with Maradona since astounding the world with his prodigious soccer talent. His knack for finding the back of the net was ridiculous, and it didn’t take long before he became a fixture in Barcelona as a teenager.

He built his legacy with the Blaugrana. He has won multiple La Liga, Copa del Rey, and Champions League titles. The fact that he’s still producing great goals for PSG at 35 years old is an incredible feat.

The only knack in his career was his inability to win the World Cup. Fortunately, he finally brought Argentina’s third star home after taking down Kylian Mbappe and France.

Watch Out for More Argentine Football Talents

While these are four of the best footballers out of Argentina, they’re only a small portion of the country’s footballing exports. Plenty of exciting Argentinians are taking various professional leagues by storm with how they play.

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