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The Best Teamviewer Alternative For Individuals and Small Businesses

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Remote working has become popular in recent times. To work remotely, remote desktop tools like Teamviewer are indispensable. However, more and more people feel dissatisfied and desire to find a new solution. What is the best TeamViewer alternative, especially for individual users and small businesses with limited budgets.

1.What is TeamViewer?

TeamViewer is a remote access and remote control computer software, allowing maintenance of computers and other devices.

TeamViewer allows you to easily share screens, data, and hold webinars without meeting face-to-face.

TeamViewer has outstanding features that have made it popular globally for many years, such as:

– Simple interface, easy to use: The interface is arranged scientifically and easy to understand so the new users can understand how to use it immediately

– Free to use: Currently, TeamViewer is free for individuals to use freely

– Stable and fast access speed.

– High level of security: TeamViewer only allows verified connections to go through when two terminals are connected with code; so it avoids being hacked

  1. Why do you need TeamViewer Alternative?

TeamViewer also has major limitations that make it no longer suitable for many users. Moreover, finding the TeamViewer alternative gradually became inevitable.

The free version is unstable

I heard many friends who use TeamViewer for free complaining that TeamViewer often loses connection while using. In addition, Teamviewer’s system misunderstood them as commercial customers even though they are only used for personal purposes. Moreover, TeamViewer began to limit the time, number of use, and display extremely annoying paid notices.

The license price is too high and difficult to pay

– License TeamViewer Remote Access Base (298,8$/year)

This is the cheapest license package per user that TeamViewer offers. However, with a price of up to $298.8/year/person, it is really a barrier that makes any individual or business with a limited budget to ponder. One of the major limitations of this license package is only allowing remote access and connection to the three computers you specified earlier. Therefore, it is only suitable for using remote connections internally, not for supporting customers outside of the company.

– License TeamViewer Business ($610.8/year)

The Business version costs more than twice as much as the Remote Access one. However, it is also only for single users. In my opinion, this is quite an expensive price for an individual in this difficult economic and inflationary period. Although allowing unlimited connections to devices, TeamViewer restricts the number of connected devices to only three specified devices. Like the Remote Access version, the Business version allows connecting three concurrent sessions (in tabs) per concurrent connection. But it is still a limitation that makes it impossible for you to support more than three customers at the same time.

– License TeamViewer Premium ($1234.8/year)

The TeamViewer Premium package for groups costs twice as much as the Business version. Although licensed for 15 users, only one person at a time is allowed to use the software to access and control the computer remotely. What if your company has more than one employee and you don’t have too much money to buy more license packages? Perhaps you will need to divide the employees to use the computer in turn or update to a more advanced license package. It’s really complicated and expensive. And this is probably the main reason why more and more companies are looking for TeamViewer alternatives.

– License TeamViewer Copy ($2483.8/year)

If not considering the price, this is probably the most optimal package that TeamViewer offers to a group of users. However, even with the high price, you will still encounter a major limitation. Although this version is licensed for 30 users, the number of concurrent users is limited to three. Thus, the remaining 27 employees will not be able to connect and provide remote support to customers. TeamViewer Corporate allows each user to support up to 15 customers at a time. But this is really necessary when the number of guests who can support at one time is too much and the support person is limited.

If you want to increase the number of users at a time, you will need to pay an additional $814.8/person/year. This is a huge cost if your company has many employees and customers that need support.

  1. UltraViewer – The best teamviewer alternative

When we searched for a Teamviewer alternative, we found a new tool with many outstanding features and extremely competitive price. It is called UltraViewer.

UltraViewer is a free remote desktop software for Windows with a fast and stable connection. With UltraViewer, you can easily share big files, images, videos, and audio in the fastest way. The friendly, scientific and easy-to-understand interface similar to TeamViewer helps users feel more familiar and easier to use.

On the other hand, UltraViewer possesses strengths that cannot be ignored such as:

Unlimited Free Remote Control

Unlike some other free software, UltraViewer Free is really different with open policies. It allows unlimited connection to devices, no time limit as well as the purpose of use. That means whether you are a personal user or a business user with low demand, you can comfortably use UltraViewer Free without restrictions or sudden disconnections.

UltraViewer license is cheap and easy to pay

Unlike TeamViewer, UltraViewer offers a one-to-one package without a team package. However, the price of UltraViewer licenses is actually economical, and deserves to be the best TeamViewer Alternative for price-conscious customers.

The most advanced version that UltraViewer has launched is Premium with a price of $ 95.88 / year that is three times cheaper than the cheapest package on TeamViewer (Remote Access Base: $ 298,8 / year). With UltraViewer Premium, you will be allowed to support an unlimited number of customers at a time, which even the Corporate version of TeamViewer is still limited.

In addition to the outstanding price advantage, UltraViewer also has the best support policies for customers such as completely free upgrades. You will inherit the new, superior and more advanced features of the updated version without worrying about the cost. Thus, choosing Ultraviewer will help optimize the budget.

Thus, we have just presented to you our selection of The best TeamViewer alternative based on the most basic requirements and the most competitive price for remote desktop software. Although there are some disadvantages such as only supporting Windows operating system, UltraViewer is the best solution you should consider to help your work go smoothly with the economical cost to overcome the pandemic. COVID-19.