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The Best TV Shows of 2019

Four Series Worth Noting

There are many thrilling TV shows this year. Whether you like drama, comedy, or documentaries you will find something to watch on the TV Listings. We will discuss some of the best TV shows this year. Though there are new TV shows in the listing, the return of some of the biggest TV shows (including “The X factor,” “Strictly” and “Shipwrecked”) will ensure that you have a variety of shows to watch. You may catch most of these TV shows on Netflix. Watching TV is one of the most relaxing ways especially after a hard day at work or during weekends. Most households watch TV as the main form of entertainment.

Here are the Best TV Shows of 2019″

1. “Dark Money”

This is a BBC drama series that premieres in July. The story revolves around a British family going through a crisis. The cast includes Babou Ceesay and Jill Halfpenny who are the main characters. The theme is about child abuse and guilt that befalls the entire family after they decide to accept a pay-off from the offender so that they do not seek legal justice for the victim who is their son. The series director is Lewis Arnold who is renowned for his thrilling TV shows. You may watch the official trailer online although the show will be on air in July according to a BBC TV report.

2. “The Looming Tower”

If you love political thrillers, this is a must watch for you. It centers on events leading to the terror attacks in the US. The plot mainly shows the rivalry that exists between the CIA and the FBI, and how they resolve the crisis. The cast stars among others Jeff Daniels, Tahar Rahim and Wrenn Schmidt. You may stream online, or watch in various TV channels that will be airing the series.

3. “Barry”

“Barry” is a popular comedy show that premieres the second season this year on HBO. Alec Berg and Bill Hader have done a significant job producing this comedy. The story line revolves around a hit man who is trying his luck in acting. The theme is to try to appeal to society to live an honest life. It tries to make society understand how hard it is to live an honest life but also depicting that it is possible to do so. Season two of “Barry” has eight captivating episodes that promise lots of suspense, fun, and thrill too.

4. “Chernobyl”

This is a popular TV show that premieres this year. Craig Mazin has done a great job capturing the events of a catastrophe that hit the world several years ago. Just like any other HBO shows, this is a thrilling TV show that features major actors including Jared Harris, Jessie Buckley and Adam Nagaitis among others. Though it depicts the devastation that human actions can cause, it is a thriller and is already a popular TV show in the US and all over the world.

In this current era of “Peak TV,” there are an endless number of television shows to watch. People, of course, have different tastes and preferences, and it is hard to determine what is best. But the above four shows are some of the most popular TV shows this year. You may find others online through research and via your own particular preferences.