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The Big Debate: Courier vs Post

Whether you run a small business or work for a large firm, chances are you have had to decide how to send out your deliveries. There are so many factors involved in this decision. In this article, I will be helping you weigh your options so you can choose what is best for your business.

First, let’s define terms so we know what we are talking about.

National or local postal services are government or private institutions that provide a variety of shipping services. They are normally fixed-route, meaning that they follow the same planned schedule each day.

A courier service is typically a private establishment that provides a variety of parcel and document deliveries. As most courier services, from your local courier Melbourne to a national courier, don’t follow a fixed route, they are able to offer unique services such as same day delivery and evening delivery.

Now let’s compare.

Price Difference

Postal services are typically less expensive than a courier service. The reason for this is that as routes are fixed, making the service cheap to run as the drivers deliver the same route each day.

On the other hand, a courier service can offer both fixed and tailored routes. Having undefined tailored routes, makes the service more complex and costly to plan and run. Similar to a concierge in a hotel, you are paying for a level of personal service as well as unique offerings that only a courier service can provide, such as fast pick-up and delivery.

When comparing cost then it is important to not just focus on the amount but also on the security, flexibility, and reliability provided by each option.

That brings us to our next comparison point, service.

Service Comparison

This is perhaps the biggest differentiator. While the average person can afford to send a package once in a while that may take longer to deliver or be harder to track throughout, most businesses cannot afford that risk.

Whether you run a business that relies upon time-sensitive deliveries such as companies in the medical or legal sector – or require secure tracking details at all times, like businesses in the financial or public sector do, a courier could be your best choice.

Couriers such as CitySprint, for example, offer a wide variety of delivery options, as well as competitive pricing. They also offer real-time tracking en route with a timestamp, so you can monitor your deliveries at every moment

Supply Chain & Logistics Considerations

Perhaps the most important element of a growing business is knowing you can scale. CitySprint and other couriers are set up specifically to provide scalable delivery solutions that will expand with your business. The regular postal service, on the other hand, is better suited for standard deliveries.

From a supply chain perspective, companies like CitySprint have Forward Stock Locations (FSLs) across the country, which give you or your customers a better-connected supply of parts or an end product.

Bespoke logistics are mapped out for the most efficient routes for businesses. This also means couriers are able to provide a detailed manifest of the exact journey your parts or products are making, so you are able to make the time considerations necessary when dealing with the continued flow of moving goods.

International Deliveries

Although many people think locally or regionally when considering courier services, most offer international solutions as well. Regular postal services also provide various international services but again, this comes down to how long you’re willing to wait for your package to reach its destination as well as what you are sending. CitySprint, for example, offers 1st flight out service to NYC, so if you have a document that must be signed by tomorrow morning in NYC, a courier service can do that.

Many people have experienced the inconvenience of shipping via international mail at a local post office only to have things delayed, damaged, or returned.

A courier, on the other hand, utilizes its global network to help with the legal and shipping barriers that may affect deliveries. As experts in the field couriers are able to utilize their supply chain partners to your advantage. They also manage duties and customs for you, elevating the pressure of you having to organize this internally.

Wrap Up

Taking a good look at your delivery and mailing options will help you to save time and money. When comparing, go beyond the price and be sure to look at the overall impact that postal services vs a courier service will have on your business as you scale. Utilising the latest technologies, security and global partnerships, courier services like CitySprint, offer multiple advantages.



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