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The Cowboy Channel Kicks Off ‘100 Rodeos in 100 Days’

The Cowboy Channel has announced the start of its fourth year of broadcasting “100 Rodeos in 100 Days” beginning with the Reno Rodeo on June 20th and ending September 30th, 2024.

For “100 Rodeos in 100 Days,” The Cowboy Channel will be on location at many of the top rodeos across the country with sideline reporters, Katy Lucas and Hayley Novak along with Jeff Medders, Justin McKee, Steve Kenyon, and Ty McClary in studio providing the color commentary between rodeos and event rounds.

The Cowboy Channel first launched “100 Rodeos in 100 Days” in 2021, as a summer-long TV programming block featuring rodeo-based programming from across the United States (professional, high school, and youth) and Canada between the months of June-September.  The programming event quickly grew in popularity, becoming a hit on The Cowboy Channel, and has now expanded into also airing additional rodeos on sister network, The Cowgirl Channel.

This year, The Cowboy Channel will also be producing a Pre-Show live from the most iconic rodeos, where The Cowboy Channel broadcast team will go both inside the arena and outside, as many of these rodeos are the most significant event of the year and the largest fundraiser in their communities.  From the parades to the carnivals to the rural youth events for the FFA and 4-H, these rodeos are filled with community spirit and pride and are much more than just the competition among the cowboys and cowgirls.

The Pre-Shows on location include:

  • Reno Rodeo
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days
  • Range Days Rodeo Xtreme Broncs Finale
  • Ellensburg Rodeo
  • Pendleton Round-Up
  • Cinch Playoffs Governor’s Cup

“100 Rodeos in 100 Days” is something rodeo fans look forward to every year, as there are multiple rodeos on television most days and in primetime throughout the summer. In addition to the great competition, viewers especially enjoy seeing how each rodeo celebrates faith, patriotism, family, and community spirit and being able to see their favorite cowboys and cowgirls in action, along with up-and-coming rookies.

“I’m not sure we knew at the time how transformative 100 Rodeos In 100 Days would be. So many people ride the highs and lows of the rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls every summer thanks to this concept,” said Jeff Medders.  “It really is one of the greatest franchise pieces of The Cowboy Channel.”

Highlights of “100 Rodeos in 100 Days” include:

  • Daily Rodeo Broadcasts: Tune in every day for live and recorded rodeo events, offering a front-row seat to the best cowboys and cowgirls in action.
  • Exclusive Interviews and Features: Get to know the athletes, committee members, and fans who make each rodeo special through in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes features. Must watch stories include the return of Stetson Wright and Ky Hamilton after being out for injuries.
  • Special Segments: Enjoy unique segments highlighting the history, traditions, and future of rodeo, presented by rodeo experts and enthusiasts.
  • Interactive Viewing: Access exclusive content, live stats, and more through the Cowboy Channel + app, enhancing the viewing experience.

“100 Rodeos in 100 Days is what our entire network looks forward to every year. Aside from the NFR, it is the pinnacle of what Cowboy Channel represents- non-stop live rodeo action from across the country, showcasing the beautiful destinations these rodeos are hosted in, and our top tier talent bringing viewers all the coverage” said Karlee Peterson, Executive Producer. “This is Cowboy Christmas, where cowboys and cowgirls are literally using planes, and automobiles to compete in as many rodeos in a short timeframe and win as much money as possible to climb the world standings to make it back to NFR this December. Not only is this the time for viewers to watch the excitement, but also plan a trip to these rodeos and experience it for themselves!’

Beginning July 1-7, one of the busiest weekends in rodeo, “ProRodeo Live” will air three hours each night in primetime of multiple rodeos from across the US including Killdeer Mountain Roundup Rodeo, Black Hills Roundup, Greeley Stampede, Oakley Rodeo, Cody Stampede, Livingston Roundup Mandan Rodeo Days and more. The St. Paul Rodeo will then follow “ProRodeo Live” July 2-6 for The Cowboy Channel’s featured Rodeo 4th of July weekend.

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Tune in to The Cowboy Channel this Friday, June 20th at 10pm ET to watch the first rodeo performance of Reno Rodeo and the start of “100 Rodeos in 100 Days.”

And tune in to The Cowboy Channel and The Cowgirl Channel to see featured rodeos during “100 Rodeos in 100 Days,” all summer.    Live streaming + on demand of all rodeos during “100 Rodeos in 100 Days” is available by subscribing to PRCA on Cowboy Channel+.