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The CW Acquires International Drama ‘Professionals’

A date and time for the show’s CW premiere is to be determined.

The CW has acquired international drama “Professionals” starring Tom Welling, Brendan Fraser and Elena Anaya. The logline: “Professionals” follows Vincent Corbo (Welling), a top-tier security operative, who is paid to protect the interests of rich and powerful clients by any means necessary – legal or not. After a next-gen medical satellite explodes on launch, Corbo is hired by the rocket’s designer – billionaire futurist Peter Swann (Fraser) – who suspects sabotage. Complicating Corbo’s new gig is his former paramour and now Swann’s fiancée, medical visionary Dr. Grace Davila (Anaya), who is racing to help stave off a global catastrophe.

As Corbo and his team of veteran security professionals investigate the rocket disaster, they expose a lethal conspiracy of Swann’s corporate rivals, corrupt government officials, and a shadowy crime syndicate – all working to destroy Swann and take control of his tech empire. Worse, Corbo must also contend with a rogue Europol agent (Ken Duken) who is hellbent on busting him for past sins.

From Leonine Studios, “Professionals” also stars Saïd Taghmaoui (“John Wick 3”), Lisa Loven Kongsli (“Wonder Woman”), August Wittgenstein (“The Crown”), Stevel Marc (“The Mauritanian”), Tanya Van Graan (“Raised by Wolves”), and Nic Rasenti (“Outlander”). “Professionals” is an official Republic of Ireland and South Africa co-production, shot on location in Ireland and South Africa.

A date and time for the show’s CW premiere will be announced later.