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The Differences and Similarities Between Kava and Kratom

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It is very typical for Kava and Kratom to be in comparison with each other. Above all, the main reason for this comparison is probably because they both are classified as tropical plants. Moreover, they also have very similar consumption methods. With similar names, their journey to rise to fame was very quick and rapid over the past few years. Sometimes, they can go hand-in-hand to get the same effect.

Even though there are so many things common between these two, Kava and Kratom are anything but that. In this article, we will discuss the similarities and differences between Kava and Kratom. We hope that it helps broaden your knowledge by the end of it. It is imperative to know about the intricate details of everything that you are putting inside your body. This range can go as broad as food to tropical plants.

Biology of Kava vs. Kratom

Scientifically, Kratom’s another name is Mitragyna speciosa. This is a plant rooting from the Rubiaceae family. Because of this reason, Kratom has a link with coffee. It’s common for people to notice that the effects of Kratom and coffee are similar. This makes sense knowing that they both come from the same family.

Whereas, scientifically, Kava’s other name is Piper methysticum. These roots form the Piperaceae family, this also has another name – the pepper family. To see its side effects, people usually consume their roots and bark.

Chemistry of Kava vs. Kratom

The most valuable effect that best Kratom online has is its mood-boosting ability. It is popular among the people for this reason. The alkaloids are the main reason why this happens, which are largely present in the leaves of the plant. A few prominent alkaloids are mitragynine, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, and corynanthidine. You might be wondering what exactly are alkaloids? They are organic compounds that occur naturally, one very big example of the alkaloid is caffeine. The leaves stores the most amount of alkaloids.

Kavalactones is the reason behind the effects that happens after the intake of kava. These chemicals are tricky to get rid of since they also occur naturally. The kavalactones are typically present in Kava’s root.

Origin of Kava vs. Kratom

Kratom is indigenous to Southeast Asia. You can easily find them in numerous places. Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other tropical Pacific islands are a few. The locals of these countries have been eating its leaves for ages. They believe that eating these leaves gives them a feeling of well-being. Furthermore, it gets them more energized. 

Like Kratom, Kava is a Pacific plant. There are multiple places where Kava grows. Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Micronesia, to name a few. You can find all these places in the southeast of the places where kratom is growing. The consumption of the root of the Kava is mostly in liquid form. It is a norm for the Vanuatuans to go to spaces known as nakamals to network and drink kava.

Uses of Kava vs. Kratom

It has been advised that kratom gives people a sense of euphoria. Furthermore, is best known to energize and make people active, but it relies on strain and dosage. Not only that but it will make you feel relaxed, calm and lowers your stress and anxiety levels. Experts suggest taking this when you start your day or when you are about to unwind.

Kava works in the same way as Kratom. It all depends upon the amount of your intake or the kind you use. No doubt, kava is capable to give more sedative effects. This will make the body and the mind relaxed which will consequently better your ability to socialize with people.

Preparation of Kava vs. Kratom

The most traditional method to take kratom is to eat its leaves. Many people have been keeping up with this tradition for ages. Some common ways for its intake are through a beverage or crushing it into a powder form as a capsule.

However, kava’s preparation is through mashing the root against a coral manually. Another way is, powdered by stone with the help of a log. After crushing them, they are mixed with water and drunk. Some people chew on the root directly as well. The root of the kava bush is usually nourishing with a very high amount of kavalactones. Nowadays, kava is also available in a powder form.

Which is safer, Kratom or Kava?

While trying to figure out which is considerably safer between these two, there are multiple scenarios to take into account.

One concern of the consumers is that they don’t want to become used to the intake of each of them. The addition of elements in kava and kratom vary. This makes them different from what affects the consumer the most. Kava is a very good option for someone who wants to prevent this risk. Kratom has higher chances of making the person used to it. The thing that makes kava a better option is because of lack of opioids. However, if you are taking the right dosage, kratom won’t have any negative effects. If anything, its effect will be very similar to that of coffee.

When it comes to kratom, experts have concerns that it can prove harmful for the consumer’s liver. However, if the dosage intake is appropriate, it shouldn’t be a problem.


Even though kava and kratom have some things in common, there are a few differences as well. These can help you decide what suits you the best. Their origin is different from each other as well as the chemicals inside them. Kratom is famous to be more of calm plant, whereas kava helps reduce inhibitions. Both of the plants hold their benefits and it is always a good practice to know what you are digesting. Not everything has the same reactions for everyone. Both are naturally occurring plants rooted in different cultures.