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The Easiest League of Legends Champions To Learn

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When trying to decide who you should play in League of Legends, the staggering amount of champions may seem daunting. Whether you’re a new player trying to start off with a champion that isn’t too complicated, or a veteran player that wants to try learning a new role, knowing the easiest to execute champions will no doubt be beneficial to a less stressful gaming environment.

Today, we’ll be going over each role, and more specifically which champions are the easiest to pick up. The reasons for each may vary, but ultimately we want to make sure that all of these recommendations are because the champions are, mechanically speaking, taking the fewest amount of games (on average) to learn and master.


To make this list simple, we’ll also go from top to bot lane, so you can easily find the specific role you’re interested in playing these champions in. The top is host to a few different subclasses of champions, but it is where you’ll primarily see bruisers, tanks, and duelists. Here’s our list of the easiest of each class:


Garen is an extremely simple champion when it comes to how his abilities work, and chances are, if you’ve encountered him in-game already, you will already have a fairly good understanding of how he works. Garen provides a good mix of damage and tankiness for your team, so along with all other bruisers, there’s no going wrong with picking him in 99% of games.


Malphite’s specialty is a defense against physical damage, so unlike Garen, there isn’t always going to be a perfect spot for him on your team. However, with a very easy-to-understand kit, and particularly his impactful ult, Unstoppable Force, he should fare well most of the time.


The jungle is host to a much wider variety of classes of champions than most other roles. Riot even went on to release Ivern and Kindred, which added enchanter and marksmen options to the Jungle. To keep it simple, though, here are some more traditional recommendations if you’re looking to learn simple Junglers.


Amumu is pretty universally considered the simplest tank Jungler to pick up, so he gets a reputation of being played by players that are auto-filled. Regardless, there isn’t too much to his abilities, meaning that you can focus on fulfilling your role as a tank more than just figuring out how to pilot your character.

-Master Yi

Another option if you’re looking to deal damage in the Jungle is Master Yi. All of his abilities are centered around auto-attacking as quickly as possible to reset your timer for your ultimate, so really any attack speed is all you have to focus on



Annie is a good all-around mage, especially after the changes to her shield, giving her some more utility. Her stun mechanic is easy to understand and work with in-game, so she’s a good mid-range mage to pick up if this role interests you.


Most assassins are difficult to pick up quickly, but Talon is the easiest of the bunch. His actual kit is quite simple, and he is relatively forgiving for players that may make a lot of mistakes early on.



Ashe has one of the simplest kits for marksmen, and she also provides the most utility compared to almost any other ADC. These two reasons make her the go-to beginner ADC champion.



Janna fits into the simplest of enchanter supports, meaning that you don’t have much room for error once you put a couple of games into her. She provides pretty fool-proof utility and disengages your team.


If tanky, more aggressive supports are what you’re looking for, then we recommend Leona. Her abilities are simple, and this leaves the player a lot of opportunities to focus more on playing their role more efficiently. The only difficult part would be landing her ultimate, Solar Flare, however, you can use her other forms of CC to set yourself up.

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