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The Evolution of Messaging Apps: From Simple Chats to Super Apps

Messaging apps continually expand their functionalities, growing more comprehensive. Some have transformed into social networks or super apps. Yet, many users stick to their familiar routines, primarily using these apps for messaging and occasionally making calls, leaving many features underutilized. Often, users are either unaware of some features or prefer to stick to their routine to avoid spending time learning new ones.

To make more effective use of communication apps, start incorporating new features into your habits now. We’ll delve into some of these features more deeply.

Host Meetings in Messaging Apps

To conduct an online meeting or video conference, you don’t necessarily need to install additional software on your devices—be it a phone, computer, or tablet. Most messaging apps offer the capability to hold video meetings within the app. To organize such a group call, it’s essential to check the maximum number of participants allowed and how long the conference can last. Some apps may have restrictions on free connections. This functionality can be used for work—to hold meetings with employees and client meetings—as well as for catching up with friends and family.

Vage Zakaryan, Head of Development at Gem Space superapp, notes, “With our super app, we’ve seen that the introduction of a new feature doesn’t mean users start using it right away. It takes some time before they pay attention to it and explore all its options. So, we often have to explain the functionalities in detail. Gradually, users add new tools to their standard set of services within the app.”

Structure Your Communications

Some messaging apps have introduced a new “Communities” section. Depending on the app, the functionality of this section can range from merely creating chat folders to offering a broader set of services.

David Brown, the head of QA team at CodeCrafters, says, “We’ve noticed a psychological trait among users: they think learning a new app feature will take more time than the convenience or time savings it offers. This perception is mistaken. In reality, mastering new functions in a typical communication app takes little time, sometimes just 5-10 minutes. The beneficial effects can be significant. Even simple structuring of chats and users into communities can save time searching for a contact, distributing information to a group of users, and receiving prompt feedback.”

Stay Updated with News

Many modern communication apps also allow reading news and entertainment content channels. Users can subscribe to channels or create their own. Now, there’s no need to leave the app and open a news or information resource to catch up on the latest news or dive into thematic entertainment content.

If you have something to share with your audience, you can create your channel dedicated to a hobby or help promote a business.

Chatbots and Additional Services

Messaging apps often integrate various chatbots that can translate messages, send requests to neural networks, purchase cryptocurrency, and much more.

For convenience, apps incorporate additional services, such as the ability to transcribe a voice message into text.

We encourage you not to fear the new but to explore with curiosity the possibilities that new technologies offer. This will improve the quality of communication, assist in work, and open new horizons for self-realization. Developers create new services so that users can spend their time in apps more productively, combining entertainment, work, and socializing.