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The Evolution of Non-Gamstop Sports Games

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Gambling as a leisure activity has been part of life since the dawn of civilisation. Any bettor who enjoys the thrill and anticipation of a dice roll and expects to see what the ending result will be understands why. The tension, the rush of excitement, the adrenaline when you win the jackpot, and the sinking feeling in your stomach of disappointment when all is lost are just some sensations any gambling fan enjoys whenever they play a game. What better way to replicate this feeling of excitement than trying out some of these sports betting sites not on gamstop?

This thirst for thrills is as real today as it was in the past, and it incites people of all cultures and walks of life to expand and continue to evolve their favourite hobby. Countless businesses and gambling houses have been opened worldwide to provide customers with a safe, enjoyable space where they may play to their hearts’ content.

Many celebrities in the world of gambling started in casinos and other gambling houses. They owe their status not only to luck but also to many years of practising and honing their knowledge and skills with a wide variety of games. Learning whom to bet for, when to place a bet and when to withdraw or how much money one must put in to avoid losses are some of the necessary steps any bettor must go through. This will help them gain the necessary experience to make a mint in the gambling world.

To get better at betting, you need to play, regardless of how long it takes and how much you can bet.

Gambling and sports

Creating new games, activities and betting options is a part of gambling that has never stopped developing. Whenever a new activity or event appears, people will always be willing to place bets on the game’s ending result and try to make money out of it. Gambling has been with us for so long that one of the oldest texts in history, the Rigveda, a collection of ancient Vedic hymns dating back to 1200 B.C, contains a tribute specially dedicated to gambling known as The Gambler’s Lament.

Sports betting is no exception. One could argue that ever since sporting events have existed, there have always been those who have tried to earn some money from them. Sports fans like to bet on their favourite athletes, teams, the final score of matches and sets, and many other events. From ancient sports such as gladiatorial fights, horse and dog racing, or animal fights to more modern ones such as football, basketball or tennis, the one factor they all shared was the interest in betting. This interest was shared by the general public and elites alike, betting on whoever they felt was most likely to win and make a winning out of. 

Even though in the past, betting on specific sports such as horse racing used to be relegated to the upper classes, nowadays, everyone has access to betting on whichever sport they enjoy the most, regardless of social class.

One of the most important factors that should always be present in all aspects of gambling is equality. Everyone should be allowed to participate in sports gambling regardless of social standing. As long as one’s knowledge of the game and a bit of luck align together in their favour, anyone is entitled to profit from the game.   

Gamstop and its main role

Many efforts have been made to restrict and outlaw sports gambling throughout the years, and Gamstop is yet another tool that intends to encourage placing limitations on how much time gamblers choose to spend playing. What is Gamstop, though? Gamstop is no stranger to UK betting aficionados. But if you are just getting your feet wet and trying out gambling for the first time, you might need a little help understanding what Gamstop is all about.

Gamstop is a free online tool service used in the UK and Northern Ireland, operated by The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited and approved by the UK government. Its primary function is to enable users to control and regulate their gaming time. Through Gamstop, the client may self-exclude from Gamstop-sponsored gambling online sites for a time ranging from 6 months to 5 years. All online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain are required to join Gamstop, an important detail regarding Gamstop’s role in the online gambling industry in the UK that must not be overlooked.

Non-Gamstop Sport online sites

Whilst there have been many bettors who appreciate having the option of regulating their gaming time through Gamstop, there are many others with the opposite mindset. They dislike having the United Kingdom Gambling Commission  –UKGC –  interfere with their gaming time.

This has caused a stream of bettors looking for non-UK online casinos that are not on Gamstop. These include online gambling sports sites not regulated by the UK; thus, they are subjected to fewer restrictions than UK-regulated casinos. For those who remain cautious, we assure you that playing casinos, not on Gamstop, is not an illegal activity; their licenses are simply abroad, and an alternative name for non-Gamstop online casinos is offshore sites. 

Some payment methods may be somewhat regulated, like not accepting credit card payments and only allowing debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrency. However, this does not offset other benefits offered by offshore sites, such as Megaway Slots, no deposit bonuses, and the possibility to bet on sports. On the contrary, we ask you to ensure non-Gamestop bookies are reputable and trustworthy by ensuring they are appropriately licensed and owned by trusted agencies.