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The Future of Blockchain: Predictions and Potential Developments

Blockchain found its first use when bitcoin came into being in 2009. Blockchain was basically the system that operated bitcoin. After a decade, when the potential of blockchain and its countless benefits in other sectors and industries was known, people started to invest more, many new developments were made, and it no longer remained restricted to cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin and etherium, but found many other applications.


Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system that ensures transparent transactions between parties by storing the whole database in blocks that are linked together in a chain. This database is spread around millions of computer systems working in that specific network, giving access to everybody. Although there is no third party, as in the banking system, and the data is widely spread, it is still the safest technology. No fraud, error, or malware can corrupt the database about the transactions made if blockchain technology is used.


The future holds great incentives and more developments in this field, and the business value added by blockchain will increase exponentially in the coming decade. According to experts, the value may go above 1.3 trillion dollars by the year 2030 as many new industries jump in.

Although at first it was the basis of digital trading or digital currency, especially bitcoin, now, keeping in view the transparency and safety of this technology, the pharmaceutical industry, financing firms, health care systems, some automobile companies, education, voting systems, and other state operations have decided to operate via this technology.


As discussed earlier, many developments have already been made in this field, but the future holds much more for the blockchain. Let us have a look at a few predictions about how this technology will change the world in the future.


The government is considering distributed ledger technology for the future, and the most common example is blockchain, which is a ledger system that records all the inflows and outflows, and the data is recorded automatically without the need for a centralized system or a banking system. The transactions that were made by DLT also cut a very small amount of transaction fees as compared to the normal or conventional systems. This system has many benefits. First and foremost are the transparency and authenticity, no chances of fraud, and the complete cutback on paper money. All transactions would go online, and the database would be decentralized.


Besides the currency system, the general identification system that finds many flaws could be shifted to this technology, which would store every bit of data related to an individual in one place that would be completely safe and easily accessible so that confirming your identity never becomes a problem for you.


These days, many new businesses and investors are looking for platforms that combine the concepts of blockchain and crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a process where investors provide funding to emerging businesses, entrepreneurs, or invest in already successful businesses to earn profits. The whole funding process takes place via the internet. As the whole process is digitalized, it definitely requires a system that records the transactions in a fair and safe manner, and blockchain provides that technology. Through blockchain, shares and profits could be exchanged between both parties without needing a bank in between, and transaction fees aren’t deducted as they are by conventional central systems. This makes the process faster and better. The investments could be made on the basis of equity agreements, donations, or financing. In cases of equity, the investor gets a percentage stake in the company, and the profit that comes from that percentage is transferred to him or her.


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