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The Future of Broadcasting: AirX Playout

In the fast-paced world of broadcasting, where reliability and adaptability are paramount, industry professionals are constantly on the lookout for tools that keep them ahead of the curve. Enter AirX Playout, an innovative solution from Telestrider that’s redefining the game.

The AirX Playout system boasts an integrated, mission-critical broadcast automation structure. What truly sets it apart is its complete IP/SDI multi-format flexibility, which supports everything from HDR and UHD to HD and SD. Designed to ensure a seamless end-to-end workflow ecosystem, the system takes care of everything: from ingest to compliance recording and all-encompassing media management.

For professionals concerned about reliability, AirX’s high-density digital server infrastructure is a breath of fresh air. This setup not only ensures unwavering reliability but also works wonders in reducing operational expenses.

One of the standout features of the AirX™ is its deployment flexibility. Whether you’re keen on an on-premise setup, a cloud solution, or a blend of both, this playout software has got you covered. And if you’re in the business of launching new TV channels or media services, its swift deployment architecture ensures that your project gets off the ground in no time.

This incredible flexibility translates into notable savings. A reduced total cost of ownership is guaranteed for all your television broadcasting endeavors. What’s more, the system offers an economical pathway to discover new revenue avenues through various mediums – be it OTT playout, social media, broadcasting, mobile, or any other platform.

With AirX, you’re empowered to conduct multi-format, multi-channel UHD 4K, HD, and SD TV playout with precision. Its built-in low-latency switching and routing of signals, combined with its full remote operational workflow, make it a broadcaster’s dream. Need to encode/transcode multiple live outputs per channel? AirX handles formats like NDI, ST2110, SRT, UDP, RTMP, HLS, and MPEG-Dash with ease.

Some of the system’s standout features include:

–   Multiple format, simultaneous outputs per channel for tailored playout automation

–   A robust distributed client–server architecture

–   In-house signal routing within the broadcasting server

–   Real-time monitoring in various formats

–   Comprehensive user access management

–   Enhanced channel management tools like NDI SCTE-104, Teletext & CC

–   Dynamic CG engine with transitions

–   Quality Control and Loudness normalization

–   Multi-channel broadcasting capabilities

In conclusion, if you’re in the broadcasting sphere and are searching for a solution that offers unmatched flexibility, robustness, and cost-efficiency, it’s time to consider the AirX Playout system by Telestrider. Your broadcasting future deserves nothing but the best.