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The Good Old Marketing Strategies But With A Modern Touch

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You’ve probably heard the term “virtual business card” before, as more and more people use these cards. Even though networking is still important for the success of a business, traditional business cards can’t keep up with what modern networking requires. People are switching to digital business cards because they have more benefits than paper cards, like storing more information, managing contacts, and sharing information differently.

What Are Virtual Business Cards

Virtual business cards are a popular alternative to paper business cards. They are also called digital business cards, virtual meeting cards, and mobile business cards. But that’s the only thing they have in common. You don’t have to put only your name, phone number, and email address on a virtual business card; you can add much more.  

Many things could be used, such as social media accounts, logos, photos, videos, and PDFs. Since digital business cards don’t have limited space, you don’t have to worry about that, and it’s easy to make changes as needed.

Electronic business cards are better in every way and make it easier to keep track of important relationships. Virtual business cards make it much easier to stay in touch with people. They let you organize contacts, make notes, and put faces to names.

What Benefits Of Virtual Business Cards?

There are many reasons to use digital business cards instead of traditional cards that fit in a wallet. Here are a few more to help you decide.

Have Your Card On You 24×7

Have you ever run out of business cards or forgotten to bring them with you when you meet someone? But how often do you leave your phone at home? With a virtual business card, anyone with a phone, laptop, or Apple Watch can get your contact information.

Environment Friendly

Even though more and more people are getting rid of paper, many still print business cards. Each year, more than seven million trees are cut down to make paper business cards, and 90% are thrown away right after they are given out. So using digital business cards instead of paper ones helps save the environment. This is one of the reasons why many global industries, companies, and brands are switching to virtual business cards.


On average, it costs around $200 per year to print business cards. If you use electronic business cards, you can give them out for free to as many people as you want. However, let’s say you want to switch to a more elegant business card. If that’s the case, Virtual business card subscriptions for a year starting at around $30, and premium plans start at $70. This is way more cost-effective for start-ups as well as established brands.

Make Connections Smoothly

It might be hard to keep track of who you should call next. People quickly lose connections because they don’t know what to do with their business cards, forget about a great person they met, or don’t follow up. When you switch to digital business cards, it’s much easier to follow up with people. You can organize your new contacts, set reminders for when you need to follow up, and make notes to help you remember important information. When people take the time to follow up, their relationship with that brand/company gets stronger.

Hands-Free Interaction

Networking can happen in person or online, and with a virtual business card, you don’t have to give out your contact information, which could be full of germs. You can share contact information with virtual business cards without ever meeting in person. With Covid-19, people have understood the benefit of hands-free interaction.

Make A Good Impression

Virtual business cards are the best way to make a lasting first impression. You can quickly add words to your greeting card using virtual business cards. Choose a card template and color scheme, then add a picture and company logo to make it your own. You can customize your virtual card just as much as you did your traditional paper cards.

Update It Easily

You can not only put your contacts into groups, but the information for your active contacts will also be kept up to date as it changes. This means that the person in charge of an account will be told if a contact’s phone number, email address, or other information changes.


It seems like everything in our world is going digital right now. We talk to other people through the internet. All of our transactions happen online. Today, we are always looking at our phones and other mobile devices. So, if we want to expand our professional networks, why not just swap digital business cards? They’re easier to use and way more cost-effective.