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The Growing Demand for Wind Energy

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Wind energy is the process of generating electricity. Wind turbines are used to turn wind’s kinetic energy into electrical energy. In recent years, its use has increased rapidly. Wind turbines are installed both onshore and offshore. But offshore wind power gives better results. If we look into history, these wind turbines emerged just a century ago. Along with wind turbines, wind energy conversion systems are also used to create wind energy. To have an idea of its vast usage, check how wind energy grows across Asia. Though it is not as developed as in European countries but you can witness the growth of this industry in Asia now. Many huge projects are in process. As this industry is growing, demand for people having relevant skills is growing too. Thus, providing work opportunities to many people. 

How This Process Works:

When the wind hits the blades of the turbine, they start rotating and turn the turbine that is attached to them. Thus, we see kinetic energy changing into rotational energy. A shaft that is attached to a generator moves and electrical energy is produced through electromagnetism. The amount of power that is generated relies on the size of the turbine. The length of the blades matters too. Wind turbines have two types. 

  1. Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines.
  2. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines.

Horizontal axis wind turbines are most commonly used and consist of two or three blades. 

A Look into The Future:

 It seems that Asia or you may say most prominently China will be taking the lead on the onshore wind power industry. 

More Supply, More Competition, Lower Cost:

Many companies are showing interest in this field realizing its low cost and multiple benefits. The supply is increasing which is increasing competition in the industry. The large supply is lowering its cost which is bringing economical benefits. 

Its positive Role Play When Global Warming is Increasing: 

In a world where global warming and drastic climatic changes are becoming a threat, this industry is playing a positive role. Technological advancements are there whether it is on-shore or off-shore wind farms.  It is the fastest developing RE technology. These turbines do not need any fuel. Thus, the emission of gases that play a great role in global warming and ozone depletion can be avoided. 

The Growing Demand for Wind Turbine Technicians:

The demand for technicians who can install, maintain or mend wind turbines is increasing. This skill is not hard to learn. Attending a technical school can help. Moreover, if the applicant is hired for the job, he also gets on-the-job training.   These technicians usually work out door at heights. The scope of jobs in this field is growing as the increase in wind turbine projects will increase the demand for technicians.

Serve In Multiple Ways:

Wind energy can be used in various ways. Here are the few like generating electricity, pumping water, sailing, land or kite surfing, and reducing carbon footprints.