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The High-End Electric Storage Device Boost the Development of New Energy Vehicle

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Then this passage will talk about the importance of the high-end electric storage device, namely the supercapacitor. Keep reading if you are interested in this technology.

Against the background that many countries are endeavoring to achieve carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, new energy vehicles are believed to be a powerful tool to reduce pollutant emissions from exhausts. In addition, people have high anticipation toward the new vehicles in a wish to deter the air quality from further damaging. 

New energy vehicles refer to those using unconventional vehicle fuel as the power source, integrating the advanced technology of vehicle power control and drive, forming an automobile with advanced technical principles, new technology, and new structure. But many people ignore that the electric storage device is also a booster for its development.

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Then this passage will talk about the importance of the high-end electric storage device, namely the supercapacitor. Keep reading if you are interested in this technology.

Basic Knowledge

Started to form some fundamental introduction of the supercapacitor in electric vehicles. 

  • What is Supercapacitor

A supercapacitor (SC), also called an ultracapacitor, is a high-capacity capacitor with a much higher capacitance value than other capacitors but lower voltage limits. It typically stores 10 to 100 times more energy per unit volume or mass than electrolytic capacitors, can accept and deliver charge much faster than batteries, and tolerates many more charge and discharge cycles than rechargeable batteries.

The electric storage device can perform better than the regular type capacitor since it has a higher power density, meaning that it consumes less power and is safe and handy.

  • The features of the supercapacitor

The high-end electric storage device has the following advantages, making it a great booster of new energy vehicle development.

  • Higher power density

power density is the rate at which the device transfers energy per unit of weight. The supercapacitor has a higher power density, accelerating the rate to charge and release power.

  • Longer life cycle

The capacity and power resistance only decrease slightly after the full operation, allowing up to 1 million charge cycles, meaning a longer service lifespan.

  • Higher efficiency

The supercapacitor has a higher power output, up to 104kw/kg, improving the new vehicle’s performance.

  • More environmental-friendly

It is a disposable electric storage device since no toxic metals and other harmful materials are contained.

What is the Value of Supercapacitor to New Energy Vehicles

The battery plus supercapacitor team produced a freestanding structure that is lighter and smaller than current models without compromising energy storage capacity. And the supercapacitors make them ideal for use in short-distance electric vehicles like buses, taxis, and trams, where they can charge in the time it takes for passengers to exit and enter a vehicle.

Typically, new energy vehicles harness hybrid batteries to deliver stable function and reduce fuel consumption. And the electric storage device can increase the efficiency of batteries to absorb power and release power when demanded.

The electric storage device composes of a fast-charging mechanism that would rapidly charge hybrid vehicle batteries and work in conjunction with the vehicle’s gasoline engine to propel the vehicle. Installing supercapacitors in hybrid vehicles would allow them to travel longer distances with high power control and efficiency.

And compared with all-electric vehicles, the vehicle equipped with a supercapacitor is lighter. And the most important factor is that it saves the charging time. When used in a public vehicle, it can charge for 6 to 8 minutes and run about 20km. Besides, a longer life cycle can reduce maintenance costs and provide the vehicle with stable performance.

Generally speaking, it is a low-cost and high-energy way to electrify vehicles.


The development of the new energy vehicle relies on the high-end electronic storage device. And it also brings greater demands for the supercapacitor. However, the development of the new electric storage device is immature, piling the market with an array of supercapacitors with uncertain qualities. Then who will provide reliable supercapacitors becomes an issue.

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