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The Impact of Online Casinos on the Society of the USA

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All over the world countries are divided when it comes to the issue of online casinos and gambling in general. In the USA each state has its own rules and laws that it implements when it comes to gambling. In other words, there are states where online gambling is illegal, but right now more of them are actually re-evaluating that decision and making changes to legalize online gambling. Here we will examine what type of social and economic impact online casinos have on the US. 

Employment and Wages 

Employment opportunities are one of the main positive arguments for legalizing online casinos. This is true, but it’s not as amazing as we would like to believe. The main misconception comes from comparing internet casinos with land-based establishments. Casinos in Las Vegas are vast resorts and they do need a lot of staff that work in different shifts. When it comes to online real money casinos in USA, they have even more games and can take in even more players, but that doesn’t mean they need more staff. Payments, bonuses, and games are mostly automated here so they don’t need someone to manage these processes. 

Online casinos mainly rely on other developer companies and host their games, so it’s very rare to hire developers who will work on new casino games. In other words, online casinos need customer support that can also be outsourced, and they need someone to maintain the site and handle finances. Therefore, a new platform only means several new job openings. 

Economic Growth 


Governments do benefit from more businesses as they get to collect business taxes. Admittedly, online casinos aren’t like big corporations that get many tax breaks, and they are very profitable, so it’s a good deal for the state budget. Now, their profitability varies depending on the region, so there aren’t many states that see significant changes in their budget from taxing these businesses. Real casinos are tourist attractions and they can be used to host different events. This is why the revenue they bring in is significantly higher. 

However, even online operators often donate, create charity events or support sports teams. So, there might not be direct government benefits, but there are multiple synergies that help other industries grow, and that’s definitely a good thing for the overall economy. 

Social Impact 

Gambling has the potential to create its own culture, and it’s not as fun as a lot of people would like to believe. This is why regulators and operators always urge users to game responsibly and even fine casinos if they get out of line and target some of the more vulnerable players. People often protest and want to suppress gambling ads as much as possible, because fines only come once the damage is done. Regulators do take these issues seriously and constantly modify the law by imposing further restrictions.

However, the problem is often not as big as it is presented in the media. The truth is that people do lose a lot of money on gambling, but they are not necessarily committing financial suicide. Only a small percentage of players get serious addiction problems and even go bankrupt. Most players are responsible and do know when to stop. Big spenders are actually people who can afford big losses and they can be athletes or celebrities who love to gamble. The reality is that online casinos are simply more accessible but they are no more dangerous or addictive compared to land-based institutions. 


The truth is that there is a lot of overemphasizing on both ends. Those who claim that online casinos bring prosperity and jobs to certain regions are definitely overselling their business idea. On the other hand, those who claim that it will only lead to more poverty and gambling addiction are potentially insulting a lot of people. Players are not irresponsible or reckless spenders who play for hours. The stories we hear pertain to a smaller portion of the player base who got carried away. Moreover, the same players aren’t necessarily prevented from gambling just because there a