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The Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

When implementing Dynamics 365, it is necessary to intervene in the administrative and cultural structure, as well as the behavior of organizations. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the organization’s control requirements, thoroughly analyze the entire business, understand each requirement, and compare them with the best market practices in order to transform the departmental vision into processes.

The objective of the implementation should not be solely to deploy software but to optimize and integrate business processes using information technology. This approach aims to make management more dynamic, improve productivity, and generate greater competitiveness.

The implementation of D365 Business Central represents a company’s commitment to change. It signifies an organizational transformation rather than just a technological shift. As it will serve as the primary management tool, careful consideration must be given to its selection, and implementation should be carried out by a leading partner in your sector. It should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost.

Why implement Business Central?

The benefits you can get are numerous. Below, you can see some advantages of implementing Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Greater productivity: The tool automates, performs various management tasks, and improves business performance by quickly resolving issues. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to optimize the productivity and competitiveness of your company.
  • Reduce costs: It minimizes operating costs and allows you to eliminate expenses associated with paper by carrying out processes online automatically.
  • Avoid and reduce errors: Reduces possible human errors and guarantees exact control of all company information.
  • Good business decisions: Dynamics 365 brings visibility and control of information in real time. You will understand the current information of your business and you will have the ability to make future forecasts.
  • Multi-device experience . Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the possibility of accessing business information from anywhere, at any time and through any device.
  • security: The solution provides robust security: access controls for integrated applications and data, network connectivity, physical data center, etc.

Take advantage of the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a set of intelligent ERP and CRM applications with which to drive digital transformation in your company. Each application offers a solution to a real problem.

  • Expand functionalities at the rate your company grows
  • Connect the tools with each other and integrate them with other software
  • Access information at any time, from any place and device

Dynamics 365 implementation phases

Consult the detailed procedure of the phases that will be carried out throughout the implementation process:

Initial contact

Contact our specialist team. We will quickly see what your needs are, what problems you need to solve and how Dynamics 365 technology can help you achieve your expectations and business objectives.

Project offer

After discussing the requirements of the project and the needs of your company, we will prepare an offer with the solution (or solutions) to be implemented, the phases of the project, delivery times, the methodology to be followed and the price.

Dynamics 365 implementation

We will launch the project, which will be divided into different deliveries so that the change is progressive, and will be based on agile methodologies (scrum). At the same time, a gradual training plan will be drawn up for workers who are going to make use of this new technology.

Follow-up and support

The same team of consultants that executes the project will be the one that will provide support and maintenance throughout the process. At no time will we lose contact, we guarantee a quality and flexible technical service.

Grow your business with a team of consultants who are experts in implementing Navision/Business Central 

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So, we have a wide range of advanced solutions and services to improve efficiency and drive digital transformation in companies with Microsoft technology.