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The Importance of Brokerage Houses for Traders and Co-Mo Trade

Are you one of the investors who has met with the advantageous world of Forex Trading or are you considering starting Forex Trading? Then this article is for you. Let’s have a look at what kind of advantages FX Trading offers and why it is important to choose the broker well?

Thanks to FX trading, it’s possible to buy/sell products globally just in seconds without traveling around. Even if it’s nearly impossible to purchase gold for instance at 3 a.m somewhere, forex trading enables investors to trade whenever they want with 24/5 availability apart from the other markets. Of course this is not the only difference between fx markets and the other markets. Fx trading also provides leverage for the investors and it’s maybe the most important element of fx trading. A leverage enables investors to buy or sell an asset with more quantity than they can afford which means they can increase their profit by purchasing more products. Last but not least, fx trading provides two-sided trading which means that it’s possible to profit while a price is decreasing.

We believe you are familiar with the advantages of currency trading. So we cut it short and  continue with why it is important to choose a broker.

A brokerage house is the bridge between the investors and the real market. In order to proceed transactions safely it should be chosen wisely. First of all, for an investor delivering his/her capital to a brokerage the safety and transparency are vital thus, a licenced brokerage house should be chosen. A variety of instruments, qualified service, multiple leverage options and additional support provided by a brokerage house can increase the success of the investor therefore an experienced and a global brokerage house should be chosen. Fx Markets are dynamic markets so they should be supported with fast and high-technology servers and applications. Thus, the infrastructure should be powerful for a brokerage house. The main income of a brokerage house is the commissions and spreads taken by each transaction. As those costs are afforded by the investor, a brokerage house with optimal commissions and spreads based on the service given should be chosen. In conclusion, to be able to choose a broker wisely, an investor should check the safety, service quality, powerful infrastructure and the costs of a brokerage house.

Finally, let’s examine Co-Mo Trade based on the criterias above: 

Safety: Co-Mo Trade is regulated and audited by ASIC and MSB which are one of the biggest regulatory institutions so the investors of Co-Mo Trade know that their money and data are guaranteed via those regulations.

Service Quality: Co-Mo Trade enables investors to trade on CFDs, Indices, Currencies, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, provides 24/7 live support, leverage up to 1:500 and many supports to help investors during trading. For the beginners who want to have education, Co-Mo Trade provides education via contracted institutions expert on their fields.

Powerful Infrastructure: Co-Mo Trade works with MetaTrader5, which is the most preferred trading platform in the world, and also co-operates with Australia, the UK, New York and Tokyo LPs which use the latest technology with minimum delay fiber cables providing 0,0004 ms order transmission.

The costs: Co-Mo Trade has four different investor categories and based on those categories it’s possible to trade with no commission.