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The Importance of Call Tracking in Marketing Campaigns

Marketing includes creating catchy ads, choosing the right traffic channels, generating high-quality leads, guarding them through the sales funnel, and many other challenging tasks. One of the most important steps in an effective marketing strategy is the first interaction with customers. It is the turning point in the evolution of a person interested in a product from a warm lead to finally becoming a loyal customer. Thus, the right attitude towards those interested people is crucial.

Despite the fact that younger generations opt for as few real interactions as possible, preferring chats and messengers, there are still a large number of people who like talking and discussing future purchases over the phone or in person. Human communication is essential for insurance agencies, health care offices, real estate agents, and other similar business domains. People appreciate competent and fast help. The more knowledgeable your agents appear on the phone, the more likely it is that a meeting will be scheduled. Cold calling remains one of the most powerful tools for attracting new customers. Those tendencies demonstrate the necessity of applying call tracking software that will allow businesses to receive better results with their marketing efforts, increase conversion rates, and increase customer satisfaction.

What exactly is call tracking?

Any business advertises its products and services through several channels. Google ads, social media sites, newsletters with CTA buttons, street signs, and printed deliveries are among them. If you assign each ad a separate phone number, it will identify the most productive traffic channel. That is what call tracking is for. Call tracking providers offer their users virtual phone numbers that do not require any additional appliances except for an Internet connection. When customers start calling, information about the ad, the length of the call, and other important metrics are shown in the call log. By analyzing that data, marketers gain valuable insights and can immediately optimize their current advertising campaigns. Therefore, call tracking is a tool for monitoring marketing efforts and improving their effectiveness.

How can call tracking enhance marketing campaigns?

  • Real-time analytics

The analytical data demonstrates the advertising source that generated a call, the call length, and the location of the caller. Depending on the attribution model applied, users can see the whole customer journey of their callers, including the keywords that were googled. All those details allow not only a better understanding of the target market but also more personalized settings for the advertising campaigns. Explore the analytics and get perfect results.

  • Easily set pay-per-call campaigns

Another type of online marketing is pay per call. Sole entrepreneurs as well as huge enterprises can use this model to have transparent data regarding their income. PPC campaigns imply payments for successful calls that lead to conversions. Every business can set unique requirements for what calls to consider as conversions. The costs and commissions are visible in the call log and allow for further budget planning.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Call tracking functionality comprises possibilities to design an IVR menu, specify the routing for calls, and arrange convenient working schedules for agents. The smart setting of those features means faster handling of inbound calls and immediate transfer to a required destination. The calls will be taken within the typical business hours; otherwise, a callback possibility will be offered. Happy customers on the phone are more likely to close deals.

  • Opportunity to probe international markets

International call tracking software, such as that offered by Dialics (, enables businesses to expand their campaigns worldwide. With international virtual phone numbers, there is no need to relocate the team or hire new staff. Agents can work remotely and provide excellent customer service from anywhere in the world. This makes business growth riskless and affordable.

  • Advanced functionality

Depending on the provider, call tracking suppliers offer a variety of other services for their users. Different attribution models allow marketers to deeply analyze the customers’ behavior. Dynamic number insertion enables them to choose the most productive traffic sources. Call recordings and conversational intelligence contribute to thorough exploration of the customers’ “pains” and triggers that make them close deals.

Bottom line

Call tracking software is a handy tool for businesses that interact with customers via the phone. It assists in monitoring current marketing strategies and helps perform real-time optimization of the campaigns. It also allows for a better understanding of the target market and opens up opportunities for gradual business grow