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The Importance of Home Warranty

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Buyers face many responsibilities when closing on a home purchase, and a home warranty may seem like one more expense. But choosing a provider with clear contracts and high-tier contractors could prove invaluable.

At an annual premium costing less than $200, buyers gain peace of mind – but is this action sensible?

Peace of Mind

Home warranties offer homeowners peace of mind. By covering appliances and systems that may break down due to normal wear and tear, they provide peace of mind in their new purchase and instill confidence that comes from knowing trustworthy contractors are on their side if costly repairs become necessary. They’re especially beneficial to first-time home buyers without an emergency fund to pay for costly repairs as these warranties provide security in case unexpected problems arise during ownership.

When something breaks in their home, homeowners can reach out to their home warranty company and they will send someone out immediately to repair or replace it, saving both stress and money in the long run.

An extended home warranty can also help sellers when trying to sell their house. Potential buyers will likely purchase it more readily if it comes with one, making the deal simpler to close.

Home warranties can be an excellent investment for any homeowner, but it’s essential that they select a company with clear terms, conditions and clauses in their contracts. In addition, regular maintenance should be performed on appliances and systems to help prolong their lives while protecting against issues that might not be covered under their home warranty plan.

Coverage for Unexpected Expenses

Imagine discovering an unexpected expense like replacing water pipes that need to be replaced in your living room ceiling after buying property. After several hours, this moisture grows large enough that you cannot ignore it anymore; when calling in a contractor to assess further, they inform you of their bad news: A water pipe needs replacing immediately. A home warranty could come to the rescue here!

Home warranties can be very cost-effective and could help cover some of the expenses related to major appliance and system repair or replacement. When considering plans and providers, make sure to compare customer reviews before selecting one and review its Better Business Bureau rating as well.

At some home warranty providers, they offer plans specifically for system appliances or combination plans, while others provide both. Your choice will ultimately determine what’s covered under your service contract as well as any additional coverage options such as pool or hot tub coverage or guest house policies that might be added on.

Home warranties can be an effective marketing tool when selling a home. Potential buyers will feel more at ease knowing there is an in-place home warranty which covers repairs or replacements for certain systems and appliances in their new investment home.


Home warranties like at provide relief from the worry and expense associated with repairing appliances and systems in your home, giving access to experienced, qualified technicians in your local area. Home warranties can also help families on tight budgets, busy working professionals or elderly homeowners who lack time or funds for regular maintenance schedules to keep up with.

Home warranties typically cost an annual premium plus service call fee to cover repairs or replacement of covered appliances and systems, including an assessment technician to visit your home to assess and arrange service appointments; you don’t have to find someone reliable yourself!

Home warranty companies typically offer multiple plans that let you select which appliances or systems need coverage, making your coverage customized to meet your specific needs. When selecting your service provider, ensure they offer a contract that clearly outlines terms, conditions, clauses and surprises – such as customer testimonials – so there will be no surprises or misunderstandings with their services or contracts. Always read their contract thoroughly prior to signing and check with Better Business Bureau ratings on consumer complaints before signing any agreement or contract.


Home warranties provide homeowners with protection from having to fork over large sums when things break unexpectedly, helping those without emergency funds or who wish not to eat into savings accounts. It can also provide assistance for those without the skill necessary for repair work when something does breakdown – giving them peace of mind without depleting savings accounts in case something unexpectedly breaks. Having one can also benefit those without access to repair technicians when appliances or systems go haywire – they have someone they can call upon should something break.

As these plans often provide coverage for appliances and systems that breakdown due to normal wear and tear, it’s crucial that you select one with clear descriptions of both standard and optional coverage. Furthermore, contracts often contain exclusion lists so it is wise to read carefully through all contract language before signing it.

Home warranties can be an invaluable investment for any household. They’re particularly beneficial to first-time home buyers who may lack experience dealing with appliances and systems or don’t know reliable contractors in their area; and may also benefit older homes that contain appliances with expired manufacturer warranties.

If you’re buying a home, make sure that as part of the closing negotiations or simply for peace of mind and unexpected expenses you request the seller cover the first year of a home warranty plan or buy one yourself to protect against unknown costs.