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The Insiders Guide to Mobile App Promotion

It’s not enough to release a top-notch mobile app — you need to promote it. Your goal is to inform people about the functionality and benefits of your product and convince them to install it. In this overview, we’ll tell you what top mobile app marketing agencies do to meet these objectives.

Who Is Your Target Audience and How Can Your App Help Them?

Ask yourself:

  • What are the demographics and other characteristics of the people whom you target?
  • Which paint points do they have?
  • What can you offer them to fix these pain points?
  • Which other solutions are available in the market that these people can use?
  • What are the weakest points of these solutions?
  • How can you outperform them?

Analyze the marketing strategies of your competitors to borrow their best practices.

Conduct Keyword Research

Find out which keywords your target audience will be most likely to type in in search engines when they will be looking for an app like yours. Make sure to conduct custom research and not rely on ready-to-use keyword lists that you might find online.

Decide on the Release Date

The better you understand your timing, the more efficient promotional strategy you should be able to build. Top mobile app advertising companies will recommend you avoid holidays. Large events might overshadow your launch.

Create a Stunning Landing Page

Landing pages are great for conversions. Use this tool to inform people about your digital product and encourage them to download it. If you direct the traffic from your paid ads to a landing page and not your main website, you can expect a higher ROI.

On-page SEO can enhance your app’s ranking on the search engines.

Send Out a Press Release

Before you start promoting your digital product, compose a list of professionals who can help you spread the word about it:

  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Influencers
  • PR specialists

Send them emails announcing the launch of your app as soon as it goes live.

Open Social Media Profiles

It makes sense to create social media presence for your product 1-2 months before it hits the market. Leverage the platforms that your target audience loves the most. Start teasing people and preparing them for the launch.

Make Sure It’s Easy to Share Your App

Responsible mobile app development companies add native elements to their products. Users can share apps in messengers and social media with a couple of clicks.

Keep Monitoring the Performance

The number of downloads is not the only parameter that matters:

  • How frequently do people open your app?
  • How much time do they spend there?
  • Which functions do they use the most and which ones the least?
  • Which questions do they ask the most often to the support crew?

These statistics will enable you to improve your product quality.

Enable Push Notifications

Let users flexibly modify them — such as decide on the maximum number of notifications that the app can send them per day and the information that should be included there. Notifications will help people develop a habit of using your product regularly.

Run App-Install Campaigns

They’re an integral part of post-launch marketing. Place ads to motivate people to install your product. Don’t get discouraged if some of them deinstall it soon, it’s normal.

Benefit from PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click ads are traditionally placed on search engines. When promoting an app, consider placing ads in other apps as well.

Don’t Forget About Email Campaigns

You may either send out cold emails or target those people who have already visited your landing page. Outline the benefits of your product and share the link for downloading it.

Optimize the App

Ensure that your product meets the standards of the App Store and Google Play Market. It will boost its positions in the search lists of these platforms.

Apply for Awards

Many different awards have been established to highlight the apps with the best functionality, design, features and other USPs. If your product gets nominated for an award, it will boost its visibility. If it wins, its number of downloads might skyrocket.

Gain Visibility

Publish your app not only in the App Store and Google Play but on other platforms too.

Stay in touch with the media to inform them about your news.

Apply for publishing your product on Launching Next, Rate My Startup and other promotion websites.

Arrange contests and giveaways for your audience.

Localize Your App

Even if you target your product to only one country, there might be many expats and foreigners there. The automated translation is still far from perfect, so please hire a localization agency with human employees.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Ideally, your support crew should be ready to respond to client queries 24/7 at least in the live chat. Share troubleshooting tips and guides in the app and on its landing page.