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‘The Irishman’ on Netflix Attracts Over 13 Million Viewers Over Extended Thanksgiving Weekend

Reached 17 Million Unique Viewers in the U.S.

Nielsen released United States viewership data on Dec. 6 for Martin Scorsese’s highly acclaimed feature film “The Irishman“.

The 3.5-hour crime epic, which stars Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci and Al Pacino, follows the story of truck driver Frank Sheeran (DeNiro) as he gets deeply involved in the mobster underworld.

On its Netflix premiere date of Wednesday, Nov. 27, the film brought in an average minute audience of nearly 2.58 million U.S. viewers. Across its first 5 days of availability, the film had garnered an average minute audience of 13.16 million viewers, with the largest amount of viewing coming on the third day (Friday, Nov. 29) with 3.14 million viewers. In terms of reach, the film had 3.9 million unique U.S. viewers on its first day and over 17.1 million unique viewers over its first five days.

751,000 U.S. viewers or 18 percent of its viewers for the day watched the movie in its entirety. That’s on par with the premiere days of other major streaming films (with shorter run times) like “Bird Box” (18%) and exceeded “El Camino” (11%). On Friday (11/29), its most popular day, the film had its largest amount of viewers that watched the film in its entirety with 930,000.

The audience for “The Irishman” skewed older and more male. On its premiere day of Nov. 27, 20 percent of the viewing audience was comprised of men ages 50 to 64. Over the course of the holiday weekend, The Irishman’s viewership did trend slightly younger, but males aged 50 to 64 demographic still represented the largest share of viewers at the end of it with over 15 percent.

Listed below is the per-minute viewership of “The Irishman” during each day of its first five days of availability on Netflix, Nov. 27 thru to Dec. 1.

Average Minute Audience

The Irishman

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 2019 — Premiere Day

Persons aged 2-99: 2.577 million
Persons aged 2-11: 0.064 million
Persons aged 12-17: 0.042 million
Persons aged 18-34: 0.458 million
Persons aged 35-49: 0.660 million
Persons aged 50-64: 0.831 million
Persons aged 65-99: 0.522 million

Thursday, Nov. 28, 2019

Persons aged 2-99: 2.480 million
Persons aged 2-11: 0.108 million
Persons aged 12-17: 0.068 million
Persons aged 18-34: 0.462 million
Persons aged 35-49: 0.640 million
Persons aged 50-64: 0.679 million
Persons aged 65-99: 0.523 million

Friday, Nov. 29, 2019

Persons aged 2-99: 3.136 million
Persons aged 2-11: 0.114 million
Persons aged 12-17: 0.076 million
Persons aged 18-34: 0.565 million
Persons aged 35-49: 0.850 million
Persons aged 50-64: 0.852 million
Persons aged 65-99: 0.681 million

Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019

Persons aged 2-99: 2.814 million
Persons aged 2-11: 0.127 million
Persons aged 12-17: 0.075 million
Persons aged 18-34: 0.554 million
Persons aged 35-49: 0.635 million
Persons aged 50-64: 0.882 million
Persons aged 65-99: 0.540 million

Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019

Persons aged 2-99: 2.152 million
Persons aged 2-11: 0.078 million
Persons aged 12-17: 0.035 million
Persons aged 18-34: 0.603 million
Persons aged 35-49: 0.495 million
Persons aged 50-64: 0.530 million
Persons aged 65-99: 0.411 million

Nov. 27-Dec. 1, 2019

Persons aged 2-99: 13.160 million
Persons aged 2-11: 0.492 million
Persons aged 12-17: 0.297 million
Persons aged 18-34: 2.642 million
Persons aged 35-49: 3.280 million
Persons aged 50-64: 3.773 million
Persons aged 65-99: 2.676 million

Source: Nielsen SVOD Content Ratings. United States viewership only.

Additional insights:

  • The film’s first day of release (11/27) had an average minute audience of nearly 2.6 million U.S. viewers, while its third day (11/29) was the most popular with over 3.1 million. 
    • Premiere Day Average Minute Audience
      • El Camino: 2.6 million
      • Bird Box: 2.9 million
    • First Five Days Average Minute Audience:
      • The Irishman: 13.2 million
      • El Camino: 8.2 million
      • Bird Box: 16.9 million
  • By the end of the first five days, the median age of viewers was 49, similar to that of season 2 of “The Crown” (50) and older than that of the average Netflix program viewer (31).

  • At the program level, there were 497,000 total interactions generated (across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) about The Irishman during the first few days following its Netflix release. (Source: Source: Nielsen Social Content Ratings, 24/7program-level metrics, 11/271/19-12/01/19)

  • About 67% occurred on Twitter, 19% occurred on Instagram, and 13% occurred on Facebook

  • Of the 497,000 total interactions generated about The Irishman, 48% of that activity was generated by official owned accounts associated with the program (e.g. the @netflix Instagram handle or actor Domenick Lombardozzi on Twitter) and 52% of social activity was generated by organic fan accounts.

  • The most social day for The Irishman was November 27, the day it was released on Netflix, with 347K interactions across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. (Source: Source: Nielsen Social Content Ratings, 11/271/19-12/01/19, 24/7 program-level metrics)

  • The #1 most engaging piece of talent content was from Sebastian Maniscalco, generating 3.5K interactions across 1 Instagram video post showing the trailer: “@theirishmanfilm is on Netflix” (Source: Source: Nielsen Social Content Ratings, 11/271/19-12/01/19, 24/7 content-level metrics) (LINK)

  • The #2 most engaging piece of talent content was from Domenick Lombardozzi, generating 1.6K interactions across 1 Instagram post of him getting into costume: “Took some time and @TheIrishmanFilm is now available on @NetflixFilm . Enjoy folks. #TheIrishman #FatTonySalerno”  (Source: Nielsen Social Content Ratings, 11/271/19-12/01/19, 24/7 content-level metrics)