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The Joys Of Listening To Audiobooks On The Go!

Reading a good book is one of the best joys of life, settling down with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate on your comfy couch and losing yourself in the book of your choice is a pleasure like no other. But, in today’s fast paced world, it has become more and more difficult for people to find the time to actually read any books.

We are all so busy with everyday life that the simple joy of reading a book has been lost, so we are all missing out on so much good literature. However, audio books could be the answer to those with fast paced lifestyles. It gives us all the opportunity to still get the joy from our favourite authors and genres while we carry on with everyday life.

How Do Audiobooks Work

Unlike traditional books which are words written down on paper, All You Can Books audiobooks read the book so that you can listen along. There will be a man or woman, normally with a nice comforting voice, that will read the book word for word at a nice pace for you to listen along and enjoy.

The voice artist who reads the book will also sometimes put on voices for different characters which also adds to the listening experience and will help distinguish all the characters in the book. This can really help draw and keep your attention to what is being read.

Where Can You Find Audio Books?

There are different ways to find audio books. In the past, before smartphones were around, you would only really be able to buy audio books on CD and this was normally very expensive and very difficult to find. Luckily now there are many different online services which you can sign up to and use for audio books including

With such services you sign up and pay a certain fee each month to be able to download and listen to a set amount of books. You can also buy the audio books individually as a pay as you go type service.

You are then able to either download the audiobook file as a mp3 or wav to then listen to as you please. A lot of audio book services also have their own mobile smart phone app which you can use to listen to the audio book. These are great as they can run in the background of your phone while listening as you get on with everyday life.

Older, more vintage, books that are now royalty free can actually be found on the internet as free audio books. Beware though, because as they are free sometimes the audio quality can be a bit poor, and the voice actors reading the books sometimes a little dull and boring.

Why Are Audio Books Better Than Normal Books?

Although there is a strong argument that audiobooks are better than real books the fact comes down to what your lifestyle is to which is better.

If you have plenty of spare time and really enjoy the feeling of holding a good book and turning the pages then obviously normal books are more suited to you.

However many of us now live extremely fast lifestyles and although we wish we could read more than we do, we just can’t find the spare time to do so. This is when audiobooks come into their element. Reading a book takes total concentration and you can’t really be doing anything else at the same time.

With audio books though as they are being read to you this frees up your hands and means you can carry on doing the mundane small jobs that need doing. You could be cleaning or tidying your house, washing your car, doing the dishes and thousand of other every day little jobs while at the same time listening to your chosen audiobook.

Another useful time to listen to audio books is on your commutes to work whether that is on public transport or when driving your car. This is perfect if your journey time is going to be a long one as you can fill that time listening to your audio book.

Are All Books Available In Audiobook Format?

Even though audio books are becoming much more popular as more new services are opening up, not all books can be found in audio versions.

The most read and famous books of all time have been turned into audio versions though, and new best sellers generally have audio versions that are released if not at the same time, soon after.

You will be able to find audio books including the Harry Potter series which includes narrators such as Stephen Fry.

Some of the most sold audio books of 2020 so far include The Mirror And The Light by Hilary Mantel, Little Eyes by Samanta Schweblin, Weather by Jenny Offill and A Thousand Moons by Sebastian Barry.

Handy Tip For Iphone Users

A sneaky hand tip for those who have an iphone smartphone is to turn on voiceover in the settings. By doing this you can turn any ebooks that you have on your phone into an audiobook as Siri will read the book to you.

This is great if you have any ebooks that you cannot find any audio book versions available for. But on the downside it will be read in Siri’s voice which is very computerized so will lose the human touch. Also Siri sometimes misreads or pronounces certain words that are slightly difficult, but as a last resort is quite a good option.

To Sum Up

There really is nothing better than losing yourself in a good book and although your lifestyle may be fast paced you do not need to miss out on that great novel or biography you have always wanted to read but couldn’t find the time.

Instead sign up to one of the many different audio book services available and download that last book to listen to while you get on with those everyday jobs.