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The Most Curious Laws About Casinos and Gambling

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Legislative regulation of gambling differs significantly in different countries. Of course, this is a serious issue, but sometimes restrictions and prohibitions border on the absurd and cause outright misunderstanding and ridicule.

Let’s talk about the curious and even absurd laws of different countries concerning gambling.


The United States is known for very specific legislation in all areas. Gambling is no exception.

In Maine, gambling is legalized, but there are limits on the amount of winnings and lossesthey can not exceed $ 3 per day. Iowa has similar bans, but the amount is slightly higher – $ 50.

In Arizona, it is forbidden to gamble with the country’s indigenous people on the street. If you play with them indoors or want to spread cards with someone else outdoorsit will be legal.

In New Jersey, you can ban yourself from visiting online casinos for 5 years. If you violate your own banyou can get a penalty of winning. It is unclear what will happen if you play but lose.

In Kentucky, players who lose at the casino can go to court and recover lost money. There are two conditionsthe amount of loss must be more than 5 dollars, and the statute of limitationsno more than 6 months.

In Ohio, you can’t bet $ 10 with friends in public.

In the city of Bexley, it is forbidden to install slot machines in the toilet, and it does not matter whether it is public or not.

In New Hampshire, it is forbidden to sell your clothes in order to pay a debt to a casino or other player.


Some European countries also have strange gambling laws. For example, gambling is officially banned in the UK. However, members of elite clubs can play in the casino online slots. Previously, to become a member of such a club, you had to apply and wait for approval for several months or even years. Now membership cards, which allow you to have fun in the casino during the day, can be purchased right at the entrance to the institution.

Greece also has a ban on gambling. But it includes not only casinos, but also chess and casual computer games, including PlayStation. Thus, in Greece, the activities of only one public organization of football forecastingOPAPare officially legalized. OPAPthe only legal organization that accepts bets in Greece.


According to the law, in Canada, you can get money from the rate on one conditionif you prove that the winnings are earned through calculations, and not the usual luck. To do this, you need to solve a mathematical problem, example or equation.


In Australia, there was one prerequisite for gamblers. Before the game, they had to indicate the specific amount they were willing to spend and, if so, lose. When the deposit was over, the game stopped and it was impossible to continue.

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This law was later repealed, but it was forbidden to install ATMs in gambling halls so that players could not withdraw cash and spend more money than planned.

Also in Australia, you can not use headphones while playing slot machines, so as not to lose concentration.


In Africa, not only money or property but also close relatives can be at stake. This is provided for by the rights of African ethnic groups. Once in Uganda, a man named Henry Dhabasani bet on his wife and car to win the Arsenal football club.