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The Most Hilarious Bingo Scenes From Movies and Television

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Bingo is a much-loved game played across the world, that attracts varied types of players. You can find it taking place in large halls in big cities, in events at small-town community centers, or even with family games at the home.

As a pastime that requires a degree of quiet and concentration, it provides a great setup for some tension and a comedic backdrop. This means that there have been some excellent scenes filmed involving bingo. Below, we give the most hilarious bingo scenes from movies and television. 

Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul was the spin-off TV show of the smash hit Breaking Bad. It follows the adventures of a criminal lawyer before meeting the protagonists of the original show. Jimmy McGill is the main character, who starts out as a good man who has made mistakes and follows him as he gradually descends back into his old habits. 

One episode sees him attempt to improve his reputation and get new clients by hosting a game of bingo for the elderly. However, it does not go to plan and soon results in him having a life crisis during the activity. Luckily, playing is now much less stressful than it was in the time period the show is set. Starting a game is simple if you play on your mobile device and you can easily sign up for online bingo at Paddy’s. With a huge choice of games on offer and welcome bonuses, you can play from the comfort of your home and won’t fall prey to the same issues. 

Eyes Down

Eyes Down was a British comedy that did not film just one scene in a bingo hall but based the whole concept of the show around it. The sitcom ran for two series from 2023 to 2024. It had an excellent cast that will be well known to British audiences, including Paul O’Grady, Sheridan Smith, and Rosie Cavaliero. Aired on BBC One, it had 15 extremely funny and heartwarming episodes. 

The show followed the antics of Ray Temple, highly strung manager of a local bingo hall. The kind of character everyone has worked for, he is angry, clueless, and can’t help but interfere in the lives of his staff members and even the punters. In true British comedy character fashion, he is always trying to better himself without the real ability to do so, leading to some very funny outcomes. The series is easy to watch and well worth it for fans of bingo or just comedy lovers in general. 

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm seems to have been around forever, yet only started in 2000. Written by Larry David, he plays a fictional version of himself going about his semi-retired life. It is currently on the twelfth season, has over 110 episodes, and shows no sign of slowing down, with each season being just as funny as the last. 

In one episode titled ‘Kamikaze Bingo’ as in most episodes, Larry manages to offend everyone when he brings up the issue of rigged bingo at his father’s retirement home. He accuses one of the residents and the caller of fixing the game, resulting in him getting charged by a man in a motorized wheelchair.