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The Most Important Things to Focus On When Starting a Food Delivery Business

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The UK food delivery sector is in the midst of a boom – Statista figures show that the sector is likely to increase from £10.5 billion in 2021 to £12.6 billion in 2024, and according to Lumina’s UK Foodservice Delivery Market Report 2021, food delivery doubled between 2015 and 2020. If you’ve been considering opening a new business, or you are in the food delivery app development space the sector could be an excellent choice. Here are the things you should prioritize your focus on.

The product

First things first: the food. Without the right product, your business will struggle to attract and retain customers, so it’s important to begin by conducting market research. Look at the area you are intending on working in according to the type of food or cuisine you’d like to serve. 

If the local area is inundated with the same type of dominated by a food business that’s excelling, that could be an indication to pivot elsewhere. Look at the demographics of the area you’re considering too – a kebab shop isn’t likely to take off in a small village that’s primarily home to OAPs.

Once you know what you will be producing, hone your craft or hire a chef that can. You want to be able to launch on day one offering foods that will delight customers’ taste buds and keep them coming back for more.

The look

With the explosion in food delivery businesses in the UK, competition hasn’t just heated up in the food stakes – the right look and brand is crucial too. This is dependent on a whole host of factors, including the cuisine, locations, ethos of your business, and plenty more. 

To make sure yours stands out, consider erring away from off-the-shelf branding and instead invest in the skills of a professional designer. These experts will interview you about your product, get to know you as a person and professional, and ensure your branding reflect you to a tee.

The kitchen

The nerve center of your new business, getting your kitchen sorted is crucial. Make sure the location is close to the front door with an order staging area to allow easy access for delivery drivers. 

Also be sure to invest in the right safety apparatus, checking equipment has the right safety certifications, that adequate sanitation procedures are in place and followed, and temperature conditions are correct, scanning refrigerated display cases, trucks, storage areas and cooling systems. 

Infrared thermometers can certainly be a worthwhile investment here. It’s good to find out more about this equipment before you buy so you can ensure you get hold of the right model for your food service needs.

The promotion

Marketing and advertising your business on the right channels is also very important. With more and more customers using a food delivery and services or keeping an eye out for deals on business-run websites, a multi-channel strategy can be an effective means of promoting your business to a wide range of prospective customers.

Do you intend on opening a food service business? What do you think is the most important thing to consider? Let us know in the comments.