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The Most Popular Cartoons of All Time

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Cartoons are a timeless art form that, while associated with children, transcends age. They exist to enlighten, provide enjoyment, encourage good manners, facilitate learning, and a broad spectrum of beneficial things. While there have been countless enjoyable but somewhat forgettable cartoons over the years, some have stood the test of time and continue to titillate and offer an alternative view of the world that no other medium can provide. This post will showcase a number of the most well-known cartoons throughout history, from the first to the most recent, in no particular order.

Tom And Jerry: A Cat-Mouse Rivalry That Transcends Language Barriers

We begin with perhaps one of the most well-known cartoons of all time. Why is this? Well, you can find this playing in almost all countries around the world, partly thanks to its frantic use of the usual cat-and-mouse trope but also because it requires no understanding of anything but. When you take an in-depth analysis of cartoon characters, you will see that they are the most recognized since the cartoon uses no langue to portray the events (or just a small amount that doesn’t require your comprehension.) In reality, the story remains the same regardless of the backstory. The cat, Tom, is perennially failing in his attempts to capture the mouse, Jerry, and ultimately hijinks ensue. Almost every human worldwide has had at least some exposure to this cartoon from a young age up until adulthood.

The Simpsons: Family Satire Comedy That Had All The Ideas Before Anyone Else!

What better way to continue our journey down the rabbit hole of cartoon history than to move on to the longest-running cartoon series in the world, The Simpsons? It’s so enduring that there is even a running joke that the creators of the animated sitcom have either done every possible permutation of sitcom comedy and that, in some cases, it has even predicted the future (although this is obviously tongue in cheek). In reality, it’s a heartfelt ode to a type of family life that was present during its inception, whereby the mother and father diligently worked to support their three children throughout a series of mishaps and financial woes. Of course, it threw in a decent handful of comedy throughout to keep the viewers coming back, thus earning it a place on this list.

Pokemon: A Cartoon That Captured The Imagination Of The 90s

You can’t mention cartoons and miss out on perhaps the most iconic animated series of the 90s! As soon as Pokemon landed in the West in around 1996, it became an instant hit thanks to the storylines and accompanying card game. It was one of the first cartoons that you could dub interactive, in the sense that you could become your very own Ash and capture all the Pokemon you saw on your TV before school!

Spongebob Squarepants: An Endearing Look At The Life Of Fry Cook Under The Sea

To finish this post off, let’s take a look at one of the modern era’s most likable sea sponges; Spongebob. Created by marine science educator and animator Stephen Hillenburgh, Spongeboib went on to be acquired by the children’s programming giant Nickelodeon and onto one of their most popular series to date. It also spawned a vast range of merchandise and three feature-length movies featuring stars such as David Hasselhoff, Alec Baldwin, Scarlett Johansson, and the one and only Keanu Reeves!

Cartoons are more than shows for kids; they are the very foundation on which we form our opinions of the world and introduce us to comedy. Although numerous more examples could have been included on this list, these instances show a good range of history and animation style.