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The Nitty Gritty: The Important Things Guys Need to Know

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It is 2021 and for some guys, living through a pandemic made them realize how much they do not know. So read on for a comprehensive list of things guys should know. Also at least 90 percent of this list also applies to women, because women should know these things too.

What to wear

Unless you are still living in your mom’s basement and playing video games for a living, you probably need to put together some semblance of a nice wardrobe. Depending on your profession, you may need nice clothes every day. If your job is a mechanic or landscaper, you still need nice clothes for when you are not working. A couple polos, button down shirts, a tie or two, a few pairs of slacks, and maybe one or two men’s suits should be sufficient to cover you unless you need a full professional wardrobe. 

Working out

As a man, you have testosterone, which means you can build muscle and typically have a faster metabolism. But unless you won the genetic lottery, you will probably have to workout to get and maintain the physique you want. Additionally working out is good for you. Exercise gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, sweating releases toxins. Overall, the health benefits alone should be enough reason whether you are completely happy with how you look or have body dysmorphia.

Throughout the pandemic, you may have started building up a home gym. This is often a constant job due to needing new challenges as you gain strength and endurance. Ensure you are purchasing quality affordable exercise equipment. You may want to consider enhancing your home gym with equipment that can be used in a variety of ways, not just for one workout.

You are heading back to the gym and have not been using traditional gym equipment at home. You may need to adjust to the way the machines move comparatively to the way you move with free weights, bands, sandbags, or bodyweight. Ensure you are refamiliarizing yourself with your gym or getting to know the set up if you are heading to a new gym.

One additional thing to remember about working out is the importance of replacing your exercise shoes. Whether you are doing crossfit, HIIT, running, or biking, your workout shoes should probably be replaced approximately every six months. You also want to ensure you are buying the correct shoe for your activity as the support offered for running versus cross training is very different. And maybe you just need to replace your sneakers for day-to-day wear. Check out the best sneakers for men for a selection of shoes from running to chilling. 

Fueling your body

As you age, your body naturally produces less hormones, and it becomes less efficient at breaking down and absorbing key nutrients. No matter how old you are, it is impossible to get all the nutrients you need from food alone. It is important to find quality supplements that absorb in the ideal place in your body to fully fuel and fortify yourself at every stage of life.

Ensure you visit your doctor to get some blood tests done to really investigate where you need to supplement.Certain supplements that men specifically need to focus on at various stages of life are:

  • Probiotics: help regulate your gut, especially if your diet is protein-focused.
  • Multivitamin
  • CoQ10: Good for heart health and fertility,
  • Protein: Shoot for at least 1g per 1lb of bodyweight.
  • Creatine: Definitely good as a workout supplement and has been shown to increase strength

You will want to ensure you take the advice of your doctor to figure out the correct dosage. If you are taking a multivitamin, you may need to adjust the amounts of other supplements. There are different factors for everyone on how much of each supplement you need. How much coq10 to take is going to vary from how much vitamin D you need. Other vitamins like B and C are water soluble and will flush out of your system if you take more than your body can use. Once you hit 40-50, you may find a change in your body that could cause your testosterone levels to decrease. If your doctor recommends a testosterone supplement, you can buy testosterone online

Man’s best friend

Just as you take care of yourself, you take care of your furbaby. Your loyal best friend who joins you on every run and anxiously waits for you to return from work has many of the same nutritional needs that you do. Whether your best bud is getting older or if you just got your pup, it is important to choose a holistic dog food to keep your furry friend healthy at every stage. Just as you consider the balance of your meals, consider the needs of your dog. He needs protein, carbs, fat, and fiber, just like you do. Another thing you require that your dog does too is insurance. Pet insurance is very affordable and beneficial. Insurance through a company like Bivvy will help you handle the expenses if your dog becomes sick or injured so you can focus on helping them recover.

Just as you may require supplementation, so might your pet, especially as he ages. CBD, glucosamine, heartworm preventative prescriptions, and flea and tick prescriptions are all things that you can check with your veterinarian about at your pup’s next visit. 

Life Skills

Perhaps you realized during the pandemic that there are certain life skills on which you need to focus. These are skills that benefit everyone regardless of gender. From sewing to your car, read on for a few key tips on getting better at fixing issues you will probably run into.

If you have a car, there are a few skills you should have to ensure you can at least identify an issue and then explain it to your mechanic.

  • Changing a tire
  • Checking the oil
  • Identifying leaks
  • Jumping the battery

Most vehicles have a spare tire and a kit included. Ensure you know where they are located and how to use the tools that come with your kit. Keep paper towel or a rag in your car to check the oil. If you notice an oil leak, it could come from a stripped oil drain plug, which is something you can replace yourself or have done by your mechanic. It is also recommended to keep jumper cables and/or a power kit that includes a battery in your car in the event that your battery dies. Some car emergency kits include jumper cables.

Other life skills you should have include:

  • Basic cooking
  • Sewing
  • Backing up your electronics
  • Basic typing and keyboard shortcuts

When it comes to practicing these skills, make sure you take the time to develop them and use them. For example, when it comes to cooking, don’t be afraid to start with Hamburger Helper. It is easy to spruce up any boxed meal with some frozen veggies either mixed in or on the side.

Whether or not you love sewing, learning some basic stitches is important for you to be able to mend small holes, replace a button, and maybe even hem some pants. For more difficult alterations on your dress clothes, spend the money on a professional tailor.

Starting a business

You’ve been working for the man, but now you want to be the man. COVID-19 made you realize just how great it would be to work for yourself. But starting a business is not easy or cheap. Assuming you have a business plan written and you are in the market for financing, you probably are looking for all kinds of extra money for your start up. There are a lot of resources available to you from small business loans to GoFundMe or other crowdsourcing websites. 

This list is just a sampling of the things you should know. Having an understanding of managing your health and well-being as well as how to put out daily fires and make your dreams happen are things that we should all strive to learn and practice, regardless of gender.