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The Online Gambling World Surges During Home Confinement

The expectation is a continued rise in usage even after the live casinos reopen

Needless to say, the current quarantine caused by COVID-19 has changed the current way of life as we once knew it; at least for now and in the near future. While cities across the globe are be beginning to slowly reopen (with the hope, of course, that there won’t be a rise in the number of coronavirus cases as a result), unemployment levels are at a record high, the stock market continues to plunge, live sports and the production on original programming content is at a virtual shutdown, and social activities are sorely limited.

Many analysts and consumers now refer to the coronavirus as a modern day “depression.” Yet, some activities have noticeably risen during this health crisis.

For streaming services, usage is on the rise. Since March 17, the unofficial start of the pandemic in the United States, Netflix has scored the highest percent rise in usage at a whopping 332 percent. Next is Disney+ at 290 percent, following by Amazon Prime (266 percent) and Hulu (259 percent), according to All established streamers, in fact, have experienced gains.

The linear broadcasting platforms, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW have also seen the traditional Nielsen ratings increase, which has certainly not been the norm in recent years in the increasingly fractionalized media landscape.

Video game usage and video game streaming has become the go to source for at home entertainment. And with the shutdown of all non-essential services due to COVID-19, another venue currently on the rise is online gambling and casinos, particularly the classic casino slot games. While the live casinos and gambling establishments will eventually reopen (MGM in Las Vegas is one of the first casinos to announces its plans), there will be a number of big changes when that happens. And that is expected to result in a continued surge in the online gambling experience.

Pending Changes at the Live Casinos

To aid in social distancing…

*Games like slot machines will be placed farther apart from each other.
*The allowed number of players at certain tables will be limited.
*Protective masks will still have to be worn, both by the staff and the guests.
*Plexiglass barriers or other alternatives will be installed or available at tables to keep patrons separated.
*Hand sanitizers will be located near restrooms in a bid to reduce physical transmission of the coronavirus.
*Buffet style means will no longer be available.
*Touchless ticketing will take place for entertainment shows.

Additionally, hotel employees and guests will have to screen themselves for CODID-19 symptoms before they enter the casinos as they will have their temperatures checked before getting through the front door.

When all is said and done, this could mean the live gambling and gaming experience might never be the same again. And that is all the more reason to expect the digital gambling online surge courtesy of the BTC online slots at au slots casino to continue.

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Online Gambling

Convenience, of course, has always been a reason why online casinos are rapidly growing in popularity. Then there is the thrill of the game, where jackpot draws can result in big financial payoffs in the privacy, safety and comfort of your own home. Factor in the built-in adrenaline rush; the advanced technology; the lack of distractions from other players at a land-based casino; the ease of use; the numerous payment options; the customization of the experience, the often enticing promotions; and it is no surprise that online casino participation has increased during this health crisis as witnessed as bitcoin gambling news.

Bored consumers in search of activities during this new age of social distancing are flocking to the online gambling tables. Slot machines, after all, feature a mixture of colors, 3D actions, professional effects, and fun themes, among other attributes, that only enhances the experience. Online gambling has become more technically proficient and realistic in recent years, complete with the aforementioned visuals and sounds, the variety of choices, the growing number of bonuses, and, of course, the potential to win.

Site operators have ensured that their sites are user-friendly and mobile-responsive, where the ease of use and excitement of the game has participants coming back for more. All things considered, the online gambling and casino experience is poised for additional gains now…and in the future.