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The Positive and Negative Sides of Having a TV in the Bedroom

 While some people may consider buying a couple of bohemian bedding sets to make their bedroom cozy, others prefer investing in a new QLED TV for their bedroom. Having a TV in the bedroom could be the best or worst decision that you will make, depending on the level of self-control you will exercise.

Here are the pros and cons of having a TV in your bedroom.


  1.     Comfortable

There is no better way to watch the TV than in the comfort of your bed. You can stay warm and cozy while catching up with the news, a game, or your favorite TV shows.

  1.     Great way to unwind

If you had a long day, you would probably need something to help you unwind. It could be taking a bath before bed, meditating, or sometimes just watching the TV at the comfort of your bed. Watching an exciting or inspirational show before bed will help you rest and wake up more rejuvenated.

  1.     It helps to prevent arguing with loved ones

Living with a roommate, a spouse, or children could sometimes result in some petty arguments such as fighting for the remote. An excellent way to avoid this will be by having your TV in the bedroom so that everyone can watch their preferred programs.

  1.     A superb way of bonding with your partner

You and your partner can cuddle in bed while watching a show that you both enjoy; what better way to bond! Such simple acts make your love stronger.


  1.     It may destroy your relationship

Having a TV in the bedroom makes you spend a lot of time on TV, robbing your significant other of your attention. If their love language is quality time, you may be slowly losing them due to too much TV time.

  1.     It makes you sleep late

A good night’s rest is vital for your productivity and well-being. However, watching TV late into the night makes you wake up tired, which could affect your energy for the day.

  1.     It is not suitable for your mental health

Curling up in bed while watching a TV show may seem exciting, but it affects your mental health. First, you don’t get time to clear your mind off thoughts, and secondly, it leads to isolation and loneliness, which may lead to depression.

  1.     Causes eye strain

Since you have already spent your day on your computer or phone, watching TV could lead to extra strain on your eyes, especially if your bedroom is not well lit. Eye strain causes frequent migraines and fatigue.

At the end of the day, having a TV in your bedroom calls for a lot of self-control. If you feel that it is getting into the way of your relationship with family members, you should highly consider removing it from your bedroom. You can substitute it with other activities such as board games, yoga or meditation.  However, everyone is different, and having a TV in the bedroom could be beneficial to others since it helps them relax and unwind. Whatever the situation, make sure that you get enough sleep.