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The Power of Business to Help Communities

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Being an entrepreneur can provide you with many opportunities. Not only do you have the ability to start a thriving business to employ yourself and others, it may provide you with an opportunity to do good in your community. This could give you a level of fulfilment that even money can’t provide. Having the respect of the people in the place where you do business is very rewarding. Here are some ways to do this.


One way a business can help a community is through a raffle. Donating the prize for a contest that can go to a local charity to or to a local community. This can also be a tax reduction and can help both the entrepreneur and the people who are doing business with them.

Donating to community centres

If you won a sporting goods store, donating equipment to the local boxing club is a really nice way to provide something for the community. If you own a toy shop, donating to the local nursery is a nice way to support the local community. The people who patron these places are also the people who patron your business and they will value your support.

Providing a space for community meetings

If you have a large space in your workplace, allowing people to hold meetings there like a poetry reading or a play is a nice way to show the community that you support them. It will provide a platform for creative people to share their creative gifts with the people around them. It could also be a way to gain more sponsors and build relationships. Prepaid card provider Suits Me who is great example of a company that is doing their part for local communities, says: “Grassroots football has been hit hard during the pandemic but the positive impact it can have on our children is unmeasurable. We’re proud to be one of the kit sponsors for our local U9’s team, Weaverham CYFC.” Another way to bring people in your community together is by supporting football teams.

Hire people from the community

If people see the young people from their community gaining employment from you it will send a really positive message. A grandmother is going to be very proud to see their grandson or granddaughter work in the shop that she usually patrons.

Personal accomplishments can be rewarding on many levels. If you are an entrepreneur, gaining the respect of the people who patron your business can be an amazing feeling. You may discover that your original plans to just make money might provide you with so much more. Look for creative ways to improve the quality of life of the people who support