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The Price People are Willing to Pay for CS:GO Virtual Pixels

Gamers from all over the world became really obsessed with CS:GO skins. Skins are actually virtual pixels obtained by opening in-game cases. CSGO case opening does not necessarily need to be in-game. A lot of third-party websites offer the same skins with higher probabilities to get more expensive skins. After receiving the skin, a player has two options. He can either equip it and play with it or sell it. But how much are people willing to pay for those skins?

Price Tags of CS:GO Skins

The base price tag attached to every CS:GO skin depends on its rarity. The rarer the skin is, the higher the price tag. Valve does not set any price to any skin. Instead, there is an open live market where people can list their items for whichever amount they want. So, in fact, the price of skins is determined by the community itself.

Enormous Prices

It may come as a surprise, but some CS:GO skins are worth tens of thousands of dollars. The StatTrak version of M4A4 Howl is estimated to be worth more than $100,000. Although it is not confirmed yet, allegedly, a collector from China bought Howl for whopping $130,000 in June 2020. On the other side, the most expensive confirmed sale of one CS:GO skin went for $61,000. In 2018, one player decided to buy AWP Dragon Lore with Skadoodle stickers after Cloud9 won Boston Major. The price of this skin was boosted due to the fact that Cloud9 was the first American team to ever win a Major tournament. In addition to that, Skadoodle was AWP player and Dragon Lore is the most prestigious and the rarest AWP skin in the game. Anyway, the skins mentioned above are for collectors, but how much are regular players willing to pay for skins?

Steam Community Market

The maximum price of a single listing on steam community market is limited to $1,800 and you will never find the rarest CS:GO skins there. Those skins are traded on third-party websites or in private trades. If we look at skins that receive at least one trade per day, the regular players are willing to pay around $200 for knife skins and around $80 for desired weapon skins. Of course, there are more expensive skins owned by regular players but they are not traded on a daily basis. On the other side, the vast majority does not even have knife skin and their inventories are worth around $30. When we combine collectors with regular players, we get that average inventory holds 39 items and is worth $165. In other words, an average CS:GO enthusiast is willing to spend $165 on virtual pixels. Be that as it may, it is still a lot of money for something that exists only as a virtual item.