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The Real Reason ‘The Simpsons’ Remains a Cultural Institution

Traditional Ratings Continue to Slip Significantly on Fox

One of the mysteries of television is why certain series never seem to get bad press. NBC drama “Grimm,” for example, has never been a hit on Friday. “Shark Tank” on ABC is not the monster success we are led to believe. “Elementary” on CBS is modest at best. And sophomore dramedy “Jane the Virgin” on The CW barely registers on the Nielsen ratings. But you wouldn’t know that from reading the press. The assumption is that they are all big hits, when in reality they are far from it.

These are only a few examples. The biggest one is the perceived ongoing success of veteran Fox series “The Simpsons.” It’s continued to skirt unflattering press, even though I’m willing to bet you haven’t regularly watched the show on the network in years. After 27 seasons and almost 600 episodes, this cultural institution continues to plummet in the ratings.

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