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The Return of Live Casinos Ensure a Safe Environment During COVID-19

As our nation remains in search of a vaccine for the dreaded COVID-19 virus, life as we once knew continues to cautiously return to some sort of normalcy. This is a long and quite arduous process, of course, and one where absolutely every safety measure must be incorporated.

For individuals surviving the lengthy quarantine, a virtual world complete with increased TV usage, Zoom meetings for business executives, take-in food orders, at home exercising, and the rise of casinos like online Casino Netherland, to name a few, kept us active and busy. While there is every expectation these activities will remain popular options as we continue to battle the pandemic, the return to the live casino arena, for example, is underway complete with a series of new rules and regulations.

In Las Vegas, a number of casinos are now live again (including The Bellagio, Caesars, MGM Grand, New York-New York, Circus Circus, The Golden Nugget, Planet Hollywood, and the Venetian). For anyone staying at these establishments, a mobile check-in is the new norm instead of the once lengthy lines amid a crowd of people. Self-serve express kiosks available to check-in also allows people to avoid lines at the check-in desk and get a physical key card.

All hotel guests must have their temperatures taken on arrival, and properties must have medical crews on site at all times. There also must be designated areas where visitors can be tested for COVID-19 and wait for the results. And every hotel must have masks available for guests, who will be strongly encouraged to wear them.

“Wearing mask coverings save lives, period. End of story,” said Steve Sisolak at a press conference. “We owe it to each other to accept the fact that wearing face mask coverings saves lives.”

Anyone who refuses to wear a mask will be directed to leave the property.

On the Casino Floor

Chairs and stools are in front of every other gaming machine. Properties must regularly disinfect gaming machines, chairs and other equipment, and dealers must offer card players a complimentary pump of sanitizer between hands.

Slot machine usage is limited to every other one, table games like Blackjack and craps have a maximum of just three players, and all employees, dealers and participants must wear face masks.

Additionally, gathering in groups – certainly a former and recent occurrence in Las Vegas – will be prohibited. Gaming authorities want casino employees to make sure guests don’t bunch together.

Dining and Entertainment

At restaurants in Las Vegas, guests have digital menus to view on mobile devices. To stop groups congregating while they waiting for a table, guests receive text notifications when their seats are ready.

Las Vegas, of course, is known for its extensive offering of live shows – music and magic, in particular. But events with live performances and live performers are not allowed with spectators. However, for the purpose of broadcasting or live streaming certain events are allowed under specific restrictions, but they will not include a live audience or spectators.

While many businesses will be able to open, nightclubs and day clubs, live sporting event venues and live performance venues with live audiences and adult entertainment establishments will remain closed.

Gov. Sisolak reinforced that practicing social distancing, maintaining 6 feet of space among individuals, wearing face coverings and limiting unnecessary social interactions are essential to help stem the spread of COVID-19 in Nevada.