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The Rise of Security Technology to Enhance the Self-Storage

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Many businesses have realized the value of technology in enhancing their profit margins. Self-storage facilities in Santa Barbara are no exception. The technology used by self-storage facilities can help them keep track of their business’s activities, not to mention improve their day-to-day operations efficiently and effectively. Most importantly implementing security technology solutions like gate access systems, surveillance cameras, and card readers.

The self-storage industry is a highly competitive and profitable business. Global self-storage service providers rake in over $28 Billion per year in revenue and this amount is expected to increase over the next few years. However, with the rise of theft and vandalism, and continuously changing technology, the industry has been presented with tangible challenges.

Here are the Benefits of Secure Self Storage Unit.

There are many benefits of secure self storage unit and the most important is safety and security for your belongings.

A secure self-storage unit is important because it provides protection for your items while they are in the storage facility.

If you have chosen to store your belongings in a self-storage unit, then you want to make sure that those items are safe and protected. Most secure self-storage units require customers to use PIN codes in order to gain entry onto the premises. This means only people who have paid for the units can access them. Only the person who has rented out that particular unit will be able to access it.

While some facilities may provide security cameras and secure locks, this is not always the case. You could consider adding an extra level of security by installing additional locks on your storage unit or even adding a security device.

In addition, they also have 24-hour security guards who watch over the premises at all times. Some even have alarms installed that go off if anyone tries to break-in

Using Security Technology to Enhance the Self-Storage Experience

Video surveillance is one of the most common security technologies found at self-storage facilities. Customers appreciate having video cameras in place to deter vandals and thieves. They also provide a sense of comfort for those customers who want to check on their stored belongings from time to time but are unable to make it to their storage unit.

In addition, more and more self-storage facilities are using technology to increase customer experiences. This can include such things as providing interactive kiosks that allow customers to take a virtual tour of the facility, as well as view available units, rental units and make payments.

Smart Locks.

The latest generation of smart locks allows you to unlock your storage unit using a smartphone. They are easy to use and come with many features, including the ability to track who has accessed your unit. Smart locks are convenient for renters and managers alike, allowing a level of control that previously wasn’t possible.

Using a digital key is one of the most powerful benefits of smart locks. Instead of having to worry about carrying an old-fashioned key everywhere you go, you can gain access to your storage unit with the simple swipe of a screen. You can also grant digital keys to other people – such as family members or delivery services – and set expiration dates for those keys so that they will automatically exit at predefined times.

Smart locks can also send notifications when someone uses your unit, and those notifications can be controlled through the app. That way, if someone tries to access your unit without using their digital key, you will know right away (assuming they don’t have an actual physical key). As mentioned earlier in this article, this feature helps provide accountability when it comes time to determine whether something is missing from your storage space or not: you’ll know exactly who was inside at what time.

Video Surveillance Security Cameras.

Video surveillance security cameras are one of the most commonly used security technologies in self-storage facilities. They are designed to record video footage of what goes on at your facility and store it in a cloud-based system that you can access remotely to monitor multiple locations. Video surveillance cameras come equipped with infrared night vision and will continue to work day and night. When installed, they can even send motion alerts directly to your phone.

Motion Sensors.

Motion sensors are devices that can detect motion in a certain area, whether this is the entire store or just a specific direction. If you set up a motion sensor to trigger an alarm when someone enters one of these areas, you will be alerted when an unauthorized person has attempted to enter your facility.

Alarms and Audio Monitoring Systems.


A motion sensor alarm detects motion and triggers an alarm. Motion sensors are usually mounted above doorways, and they detect movement inside a room. These alarms can be set to sound when a storage unit is opened or if someone breaks in through the wall or ceiling of the storage facility. Some types of motion sensors also include audio monitoring systems that use microphones to detect noise. The alarm sounds when someone makes a noise within range of the microphone. This type of alarm is used to protect your self-storage unit from intruders, but it can also be used to detect a fire.

Audio Monitoring Systems

An audio monitoring system uses microphones to detect sound and triggers an alarm when it hears something suspicious. These systems are typically located in self-storage units so that they can alert employees if there is suspicious activity happening inside a unit such as theft or vandalism.

A secure self-storage unit is the most important thing to consider when storing your personal or business items.

In addition, if you are storing items for your business, you will need to have them insured so that your business policy covers any potential losses. These policies differ from homeowner’s insurance because they cover more than just the contents of a home. The self-storage unit is covered as well as any items inside it and your car parked on the property, including tools and machinery.

A secure self-storage unit is the most important thing to consider when storing your personal or business items.