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The Rise of Video Slots – A Revolution in Slot Gaming

In the world of casino gaming, many phenomena have made a huge impact on the world as we know it.

But one in particular has been video Slots, which have completely transformed the casino gaming landscape.

Video Slots, like Cygnus 2, offer gamers a dynamic experience and have been evolving for many years.

So, let’s take a look at the evolution of these Slots and how they’ve levelled up the casino gaming and slot industry.

Mechanical to digital

Slot game origins date back to around the 19th century – 1895 to be precise – when the first mechanical slot machine was created by Charles Fey.

The earliest forms of slot machines feature physical spinning reels with numerous symbols. Within some of the oldest Slots, you would have to pull a lever to spin the reels.

And just like now, successful combinations were determined by how the symbols were aligned on the payline.

It wasn’t until the late 20th century that the world of Slots saw a massive shift with the introduction of video Slots, which replaced the physical reels with digital ones.

The first video slot was known as Fortune Coin and was introduced by Walt Fraley in 1975. This laid down the foundations for the creation of even more video Slots to come…

What else did video Slots bring to the casino world?

As well as revolutionising our digital screens, video Slots brought a great level of creativity. Game developers have more ability to incorporate better graphics, thematic storytelling, and animations into various games.

Themes became a vital part of video Slots, with graphics displaying things like Ancient Egypt, popular movies, and TV shows.

Within their deeper gameplay, they added more features, like wild and scatter symbols which have now become video slot staples.

An even bigger addition was multiple paylines, which allowed for more ways to try your chances. But within a chance-based game, even with more paylines, success is not guaranteed!

They quickly grew in popularity to what they are today, making for great visuals and a good gameplay experience.

Land-based to your screens

Of course, it’s impossible to avoid the main key factor of video Slots being brought to your electronic devices in a bit more detail.

This means that these Slots can be enjoyed from your home, but also on the go due to mobile gaming, so as long as you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be able to log into your chosen site.

So, whether you’re playing on your computer, mobile, or tablet, there are many options to find which form you prefer!

Upkeeping fairness

As land-based Slots are kept as fair as possible, video Slots must be just the same to ensure maximum scrutiny and fair play.

Online casinos and slot game developers are always rigorously testing that games are kept fair and the Random Number Generator (RNG) particularly helps in doing so.

An RNG is computer software that ensures slot game outcomes are free from manipulation, ensuring a game isn’t only fair, but fun too!

With a quick look at the rise of video Slots, is there a particular one you enjoy playing most?