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The Role of Programming in the Online Gambling Industry

From a player’s perspective, they access an online casino and load their favorite game to enjoy it. But has it ever occurred to you about the steps required to create that title?

It all starts by creating the software that runs the entire casino platform. Expert designers prepare graphics for online games while developers code them and ensure everything runs smoothly. You can’t imagine the internet gambling industry without programming. Let’s check out how programming shapes and affects online gaming!

A Reliable Casino Software Can Decide If You Choose a Specific Platform

You’ll find different candidates for the best online casino to choose in South Africa, but all reputable operators have one thing in common. That’s a platform that runs smoothly and without bugs or crashes. 

It’s a minimum expectation that players have from any provider. For programmers, it’s not an easy task to complete. It involves coding everything from the start and then testing everything to remove any problems. Premium software can distinguish an attractive platform from a website everyone’s avoiding.

Here are some usual considerations when programming casino platforms:

  • Everything loads smoothly – from the moment you enter that casino’s lobby to picking the desired game, loading times should be short. Players have limited patience, and it’s easy to push them away if they have to wait at every step.
  • Payment processing – One of the most important activities to focus on is payment processing. Apart from implementing security layers to protect players’ funds and data, the system should process transactions quickly.
  • Mobile functionality – players appreciate the opportunity of playing on the go. That’s why the website and games programmed should be mobile-friendly. That’s a major task for the programmer as securing mobile functionality isn’t an easy task.
  • Multiple playing channels – some users play only from their web browser. However, some players appreciate the chance to download the casino software to their desktop. That way, they can access their desired games easily. Apart from this software, many operators offer dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Casino games are a separate category compared to the actual platform. That’s because their programming offers separately. It’s why you often find games from different developers in one online casino.

What Major Game Genres You Find in Online Casinos?

An average web casino offers hundreds of games. Operators often partner with multiple game developers to ensure their library includes as many titles as possible.

Here is an overview of various genres and some programming insights for each game type:

  • Slots – according to the Guinness World Records, a lucky player won €17.88 million in a single spin. Slots are the favorite game of most users, which is why programmers are racing to implement new features and provide the best possible experience.
  • Table games – these can vary from blackjack to roulette and poker. A programmer should make the games high-paced and attractive, although a designer helps with the latter.
  • Live gaming – this is a totally different challenge. It involves streaming action from a gaming studio while integrating it with online features. Players wager at home, the human dealer guides through the game, and the winners receive won amounts directly to their balance. 

The Role of the Random Number Generator

Online casinos promise to offer fair play conditions to all users. The Random Number Generator guarantees equal conditions for all players. That’s where we circle back to programmers, which are in charge of developing it. 

Whether you use Java programming or another language, these RNG solutions aren’t difficult to code. It’s vital to follow these factors:

  • Regulations – Malta Gaming Authority, for example, has a requirement list for approving any RNG software. You’ll find the law varies in the United States and other countries.
  • RTP – it’s an abbreviation for Return to Player percentage. It’s usually from 80 to 95%, and it should be a part of any game. A programmer must ensure a fair RNG while guaranteeing the casino keeps its promised share of wagers.
  • Fairness – it’s critical to find the balance between the casino profiting and players remaining happy. RTP that’s too low leads to users not playing that game. However, you risk the platform losing money if RTP is too high.

Web casinos often acquire independent certificates to confirm their RNG is legit. The eCOGRA certificate is famous throughout this industry. It includes testing the generator and confirming it’s legit.

What Programming Languages Do Casino Developers Use?

If you have a dilemma between PHP and JavaScript and you want to program for the casino industry, you should always choose the latter. JS is convenient for cross-platform development, which is crucial in today’s casino games. 

Apart from JavaScript, these are popular programming languages for casino development:

  • C++ – before the internet, we had virtual gambling sessions on local PCs. That’s when C++ became popular, and it has remained the main option ever since. This language is suitable for time-sensitive and fast-paced games. You’ll even find C++ used for PlayStation and Xbox console, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t use it for casino gaming.
  • HTML5 – mobile gaming might become the biggest online gambling trend in 2021. The development of HTML5 has a lot to do with that. Many developers migrated from Flash to HTML5 to offer better support for playing on the go. HTML5 is also convenient since it doesn’t require advanced data structure and algorithm knowledge.
  • C# – it’s another option that beginner programmers find convenient. This language is suitable for online games, although you can’t make too complex solutions with it.
  • Java – it’s an excellent selection for mobile games, especially for Android and similar platforms. Java is versatile and suitable for creating top-quality and advanced software.

Final Thoughts

You can’t stress the importance of programming in online gambling enough. The industry relies on technology and coding solutions to attract new users and offer versatile content. It’s evident that programming evolves together with the gaming development industry. Not only can programmers test their knowledge by coding casino games, but it’s an opportunity for a significant profit. The future is bright for programming and online gaming, and we can expect new market innovations in the upcoming years.