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The Singapore Arrival Card: A Must-Have for Indian Travelers

Singapore, a Southeast Asian island nation, continues to be a magnet for Indian tourists and business travelers alike. According to the Singapore Tourism Board, in 2023, over 330,000 Indian tourists visited Singapore, making India the third-largest source market for tourist arrivals [Source: Singapore Tourism Board]. This trend is expected to continue, with an increasing number of Indians seeking out Singapore’s world-class infrastructure, vibrant culture, and thriving business environment.

For Indian travelers venturing to Singapore, navigating the entry process can seem daunting. However, one crucial element often overlooked is the Singapore Arrival Card (SG Arrival Card). This electronic document serves as a vital step for a smooth and hassle-free arrival in Singapore.

This comprehensive guide delves into everything Indian travelers need to know about the Singapore Arrival Card, including its purpose, eligibility requirements, application process, and valuable tips for a seamless immigration experience.

What is the Singapore Arrival Card (SG Arrival Card)?

The SG Arrival Card is an electronic health declaration form mandated by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for all travelers entering Singapore, except for those transiting without immigration clearance and Singapore residents using land checkpoints. Introduced in 2020, it replaced the paper-based Disembarkation/Embarkation Card (DE Card).

The SG Arrival Card serves two primary purposes:

  • Streamlining Immigration Procedures: By electronically collecting traveler information beforehand, the SG Arrival Card allows for faster clearance at immigration counters. This reduces queues and waiting times, enhancing the overall arrival experience in Singapore.
  • Ensuring Public Health and Safety: The SG Arrival Card functions as a health declaration, allowing immigration authorities to screen travelers for potential health risks. This plays a vital role in Singapore’s efforts to maintain public health and safety.

Who Needs to Submit a Singapore Arrival Card (SG Arrival Card)?

With a few exceptions, all travelers entering Singapore, including Indian citizens, are required to submit an SG Arrival Card. Here’s a breakdown of who needs to submit the SG Arrival Card:

Required for:

  • Indian tourists visiting Singapore for leisure travel
  • Indian business travelers visiting Singapore on a Singapore Business Visa
  • Travelers from all nationalities (except those exempted)

Here are some exceptions to submitting an SG Arrival Card:

  • Travelers transiting through Singapore without immigration clearance.
  • Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Long-Term Pass Holders entering via land checkpoints (Woodlands and Tuas).

Important Note: Possessing a Singapore Arrival Card does not negate the need for a valid visa, if applicable. For Indian travelers seeking to conduct business activities in Singapore, a Singapore Business Visa is a separate requirement and must be obtained before travel.

How to Apply for a Singapore Arrival Card (SG Arrival Card)

Applying for a Singapore Arrival Card is a straightforward and free online process. Indian travelers can submit their singapore arrival card application through two convenient methods:

  • SG Arrival Card e-Service: This is the official online platform provided by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) of Singapore. Travelers can access the SG Arrival Card e-Service website and follow the step-by-step instructions to submit their application.
  • MyICA Mobile App: The MyICA Mobile App, developed by the ICA of Singapore, allows for a user-friendly mobile application process for submitting the SG Arrival Card. Travelers can download the MyICA Mobile App on their smartphones and follow the in-app instructions to complete the application.

Documents Required:

  • Valid Indian Passport
  • Travel details (flight information, arrival date)
  • Singapore contact information (if applicable)
  • Health declaration details (travel history, symptoms, etc.)

Tips for a Smooth Application Process:

  • Start Early: While applications can be submitted within three days of arrival, it’s recommended to complete the SG Arrival Card well in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Ensure Accuracy: Double-check all information entered, including passport details, travel dates, and health declarations, to avoid delays during immigration clearance.
  • Keep a Copy: Save a digital or printed copy of your submitted SG Arrival Card confirmation for reference during your travels.

Singapore Business Visa: A Gateway for Indian Business Travelers

What is the Singapore Business Visa?

For Indian professionals and entrepreneurs looking to explore business opportunities in Singapore, obtaining a Singapore business visa is essential. This visa allows Indian nationals to enter Singapore for business-related activities such as attending meetings, conferences, or exploring business ventures. Here’s a quick overview of the Singapore Business Visa:

  • Validity: Singapore Business Visas are typically issued for single or multiple entries with a validity period ranging from 30 days to two years.
  • Processing Time: Processing times for Singapore Business Visas can vary depending on individual circumstances, but generally range from 3 to 5 working days.
  • Application Process: Applications for a Singapore Business Visa can be submitted online or through a Singapore Embassy or Consulate in India. Required documents typically include a valid passport, business invitation letter from Singapore.
  • Company, and proof of sufficient funds. Specific requirements and additional documentation may vary depending on the nature of the business visit. It’s advisable to consult the official website of the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority of Singapore ( for the latest guidelines and a comprehensive list of required documents.

Application Process for the Singapore Business Visa

Applying for a Singapore business visa involves several steps:

  1. Determine Visa Type: Identify the appropriate visa type based on the nature and duration of your business activities.
  2. Prepare Required Documents: Gather necessary documents, including a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, an invitation letter from a Singaporean company, and proof of financial stability.
  3. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the visa application form accurately and completely.
  4. Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form along with the required documents to the nearest Singapore embassy or consulate.
  5. Pay the Visa Fee: Pay the applicable visa fee. Fees may vary based on the type and duration of the visa.
  6. Wait for Approval: Once the application is submitted, it typically takes a few weeks for processing. Applicants will be notified of the decision via email.

Benefits of the Singapore Business Visa

Obtaining a Singapore business visa offers numerous advantages for Indian travelers. It facilitates seamless entry into Singapore, enabling business professionals to capitalize on the myriad opportunities the city-state has to offer. Singapore’s strategic location, business-friendly environment, and robust infrastructure make it an ideal destination for business growth and expansion.

Beyond the Arrival Card: Additional Considerations for Indian Travelers

While the Singapore Arrival Card is a crucial element for a smooth entry, Indian travelers should be mindful of other essential aspects to ensure a successful trip to Singapore.

  • Visa Requirements: Double-check visa requirements for Indian nationals entering Singapore. While some nationalities may enjoy visa-free entry for short stays, a valid visa is mandatory for business visits or extended stays.
  • Travel Insurance: While not mandatory, travel insurance is highly recommended for Indian travelers. It provides financial protection against unforeseen circumstances like medical emergencies, trip cancellations, or lost luggage.
  • Currency Exchange: The Singapore Dollar (SGD) is the official currency. Consider exchanging Indian Rupee (INR) to SGD before travel or using ATMs upon arrival in Singapore.
  • Accommodation: Singapore offers a wide range of accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels. Book your accommodation in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Local Transportation: Singapore boasts an efficient and well-connected public transportation system. Consider purchasing a Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited travel on buses, trains, and the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system.


By understanding the importance of the Singapore Arrival Card, securing the appropriate visa (if required), and being well-prepared, Indian travelers can embark on a seamless and enriching journey to Singapore. This vibrant nation awaits with its diverse cultural tapestry, world-class attractions, and thriving business environment. So, pack your bags, complete your SG Arrival Card, and get ready to experience the wonders of Singapore!