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The Story of Forum Group

What Makes Us So Unique

Forum Group is a leading Australian managed services provider offering a range of innovative solutions that enable businesses to access and integrate existing and new technology. Our vision is to provide businesses with the tools and technology they need to be more efficient and productive, allowing them to focus on high value work.

How it all began

Since our establishment in Sydney in 2011, we’ve been enabling businesses to focus on what matters most to them by offering industry-leading IT services and solutions. We began with managed print services and copier fleet management and have expanded over the years to offer a range of innovative solutions that streamline business operations.

These include automating accounting systems, improving delivery of goods and services, printer leasing sydney, printer leasing melbourne, state-of-the-art communications systems, efficient e-forms, cloud storage, cloud computing and unified communications.

We get that every business is different. That’s why we offer flexible contracts and financial agreements that give our clients access to the latest technologies as their business needs change – without breaking the bank.

Our Evolution

We’ve grown rapidly since our inception in 2011, through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions to bring more talent to the Forum family. With each new acquisition we’ve gone from strength to strength, embracing the chance to evolve the way in which we deliver a great service to our customers. With offices now in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane we’re well placed to provide support right across Australia.

Who we are

Our Forum Family is made up of 143 passionate individuals. We’re a solutions-driven organisation that works to make a genuine difference for the businesses we work with. Our values of accountability, innovation, teamwork, integrity, and passion drive our team, who genuinely care about our clients and the work they do.

Our range of products and services enables businesses to create a workplace that lets employees work as they want to and to the best of their ability. We want to equip our clients with tailored software and hardware solutions that make them productive, efficient, and desirable places to work.

A place where people can grow

There’s a reason our staff love to work at Forum. We are committed to personal development, building strong relationships with our colleagues, taking pride in our work, and valuing our diverse experiences and backgrounds.

We empower our employees and strive to provide the greatest possible work environment for each individual to grow and develop as our business does. Our employees can see how their individual work contributes to the overall success of our business and our customers. We love coming together each year in Sydney for our Christmas party to put faces to names and strengthen the Forum culture.

Our commitment to building relationships with clients and partners

Strong relationships are one of the biggest contributors to our successful growth and they’re a testament to how much we value our customers and partners. With each new client, we build upon our network of relationships. This enables us to learn from our new clients and partners and apply these learnings to improving the way we deliver service to our customers.

The businesses we work with are more than just clients, we’re proud to be working with a great bunch of businesses all over the country which we have created long lasting relationships with. Some of our longest standing customers have histories with members of our Forum family that predates Forum even existing.

Our relationships extend beyond just business. Forum is passionate about supporting our community, so we’ve developed strong partnerships with several charities throughout the country. We’ve been a long-time supporter of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and contributor to their fund-raising efforts, which directly help improve the quality of life for many children. We’re also big supporters of Cahoots WA, Guide Dogs NSW/ ACT and Brightwater Care Group, with our staff participating in fundraising initiatives.

We are proud that these organizations have truly become strong partners.

Looking forward

One of the values at the core of Forum is that of Innovation. We’re always looking for how we can improve the service we deliver to all of our customers across Australia. To help us innovate, we welcome feedback from our customers through our customer feedback program, Let’s Talk.. This strengthens our client relationships through open communication and helps us continually improve and fix issues as they arise.

With thousands of responses from over 3 years running Let’s Talk. Our engaged customers let us know what they want and we do our absolute best to provide that for them. We’re constantly on the lookout for new solutions and stay informed about the latest innovations and business technology so we can share these with our clients.

We will continue to transform as a business through digital innovation. Our aim is to better enable our staff to deliver great service to our customers by digitally enabling 100% of our manual processes by the end of 2020. We’re always working to make our business better, so that we can help better your business.

Get in touch

We are industry leaders in managed services and we’d love to help your business get ahead! If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch now!