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The Technology Behind Live Blackjack and Live Casinos

Saying that online casinos have been successful in the past few decades would be an understatement. A massive industry with annual revenue that tops billions, online gambling constantly boosts its growth thanks to the introduction of new technologies. Mobile gaming, for example, is driving the industry towards a stunning projected revenue of $59 billion by 2023 and we don’t think it’ll stop there. Another technology that has been instrumental in the industry’s recent success is live casinos.

Marketed as the latest and greatest technological advance in the industry, live casinos serve as a bridge for the brick-and-mortar-live casino gap. They offer the atmosphere of land-based casinos with all the advantages of online casinos, bringing casino gaming to the comfort of your home or office. Available on any device, live casinos are the next big thing in online gambling with service at the heart.

Using a combination of advanced technologies, live casinos rely on different components to deliver an experience as lush as the best Vegas casinos. Below you can see some of the key technologies used in live casinos and how they enrich the whole experience.

GCU (Game Control Unit)

The GCU is an integral part of any live casino game. Hidden inside each table, the small device is responsible for decoding the video stream and converting feed to data to deliver it to you in crisp-clear HD quality. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that without it live casinos wouldn’t exist.

Web Cameras
Just like the GCU, the cameras are an integral part of any live casino. Live streaming, as you know, is vital in live casinos as it transmits the video feed from the studio to your device. Without cameras, that simply won’t be possible.

These are not your regular cameras, mind you. Live casinos use special HD or 4K cameras with high frame rates that allow the best slow-mo action.

Thanks to these cameras, you can see the action on a live roulette wheel or an online blackjack table from various angles that is simply impossible in brick-and-mortar casinos. Trust us – you haven’t played blackjack until you’ve played on a live table.

OCR (Optical Camera Recognition)

The optical camera recognition software records everything that happens in the studio and then streams it to you via a video link. By capturing all the action from card shuffling and dealing to the live dealer’s actions, it’s another major cog in the live casino wheel. Thanks to OCR, you can communicate with the dealer in real time which elevates the experience to another level. To put it simply, it’s the X-factor that makes live casinos so close to land-based casinos.

Live casinos certainly have many advantages over land-based and online casinos. They unify convenience and social interaction and the fact that they’re mobile compatible is another major reason to love them. With the growth of new technology such as VR, live casinos are widely expected to evolve further in the near future. As things stand now, it won’t be long before we delve into virtual reality to play casino games and we can’t wait for it to happen.