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The Top 10 Most Memorable ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Musical Numbers

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” premieres its fourth and final season on The CW this week. The musical comedy stars Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, an Ivy League-educated lawyer who moves from New York to California on a whim to try to get together with her ex-boyfriend Josh from her teenage years and to re-discover the happiness she had felt with him.

For the past three seasons (available on Netflix), Rebecca’s journey led her to get over her obsessions for Josh to being diagnosed for borderline personality disorder and, through a series of unfortunate events, a trip to the slammer. Along the way, here are the ten most memorable musical numbers of the series so far:

West Covina
The series’ first number where Rebecca envisions the California home town of her former boyfriend Josh as the welcome landing spot and escape from the high-pressured, stress-filled lifestyle of New York City.

Sexy Getting Ready Song
Shortly after arriving in West Covina, Rebecca sings about grooming herself extensively for a house party that Josh is planning to attend.

Heavy Boobs
As Rebecca and her then-nemesis Valencia were trying out wedding dresses, Rebecca provides this “commentary” on why it’s so tough for her to fit in those dresses.

After Everything I’ve Done for You (That You Didn’t Ask For)
Rebecca’s best friend Paula becomes frustrated when after the many months of scheming for Rebecca to win over Josh, Rebecca falls for Josh’s friend Greg instead.

Getting Bi
Darryl, the boss at Rebecca’s law firm, realizes his true sexuality after his long marriage had ended.

Period Sex
Rebecca expresses to her boyfriend Josh the extraordinary lengths she’d go to on the night.

We Tapped That Ass
Rebecca’s two men, Josh and Greg, sing and dance to this ditty about their sexual experiences with her.

After Everything You Made Me Do (That You Didn’t Ask For)
Rebecca finally confronts Josh after he jilted her at the wedding altar at the end of Season Two.

First ___ I Saw
Paula returns to her Buffalo, NY home town and is struck with fond memories of her first true love when she sees him in a grocery store.

Nothing Is Ever Anyone’s Fault
Rebecca and her attorney/ex-boyfriend Nathaniel attempt to rationalize their actions as she deals with being charged for homicide.