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The Top 5 Websites for College Students to Find Assignment Help

As a college student, there is nothing you can do to avoid assignments. From single page essays to more complicated thesis projects, assignments are a critical component in the grading process. While you can’t avoid assignments, you can get help with your homework. Platforms like help college students with their assignments. In this article, you will learn how this website and others can make your academic life easier and improve your productivity. 

5 Best Websites for College Assignment Help

Below are five websites you should consider for homework help. 


If you want the best grades, it is not enough to outsource your projects to just anybody. It would be best to give it to experienced professionals to ace it. TheThesisGeek promises to provide you with access to these experts. This platform employs a rigorous hiring process to make sure only the most qualified people are employed. You can get access to these top 2% experts by visiting the website and placing an order with ease. When you visit the website, state the purpose of your paper and wait for an expert in your field to do the research and writing for you for a small fee. 

Khan Academy

If you are looking for a platform with many resources, you may want to consider visiting Khan Academy. The website has hundreds of educational videos and self-learning resources for students who want additional learning resources. There are also options for those who want paid assignment help in science, math, literature, history, technology, and other subjects. One of the website’s best features is that students can get instant feedback on their projects to improve their studies.

A college student with vast textbook needs may be unable to afford everything. While visiting the library can be helpful, a platform like allows students to rent textbooks online. Students can either pay a token whenever they need a book or subscribe to the service to access every book on the platform’s database. Besides book rentals, is also a great place to get homework help. Educational professionals are available to answer questions and render personalized assistance on demand. All you have to do is upload your question or homework and wait for the answer.

Dragon Dictation

Writing academic papers or essays can be an extremely daunting task. Some students acknowledge that they fare better with speech than writing. This is where a platform like Dragon Dictation comes in handy. It is a speech-to-text app that allows you to dictate your assignment instead of typing it. There is a voice recognition tool that allows you to train the tool so it gets a clearer understanding of your voice and speech patterns. It can cut off hours from your average homework writing time, making you more productive.

Sometimes, you only need a tutor to guide you and point you in the right direction. Unfortunately, some students have difficulty reaching out to tutors around them. provides a solution. On the platform, you can find helpful tutors in various fields. Visit the website and search for a tutor in the subject you want. You should be able to schedule a one-on-one session with the tutor for direct help. Some tutors help you online, while others agree to meet face-to-face. However, proceed cautiously when meeting a stranger in person for the first time. Meet in a public space close to your school and ensure your loved ones know where you are going. You may also take a friend along if possible. 

Other Valuable Tools for College Students

Whether you are looking for homework help or not, there are some valuable resources you should always have access to as a college student. Grammar checking tools like Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Hemingway, and Quillbot can help you edit your assignments like a professional. These tools are free but also have premium versions with additional features. 

Ensuring your assignment is plagiarism-free is your responsibility as a student. Tools like Copyscape and 1Text can help you scan your work against online projects to ensure it is not plagiarized. AI detectors have also gained recognition in the education industry since people started relying on AI to handle their assignments. The last thing you want is to fail your assignment because your lecturer believed an AI wrote it.

College assignments will ultimately contribute to your overall grade, which matters greatly when you are ready to join the workforce. So, you should not take them lightly. Opting for professional help may be the best way to complete your assignment if you are struggling or busy with other engagements. If professional help is not an option, use free websites and applications to get resources that will help you write your homework like a professional.