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The Top Three Benefits of Having a Medical Marijuana Card

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Gone are the days when medical marijuana was subject to much controversy and doubt! It’s 2022. Today, people are all set to welcome alternative therapy and medicine to cure their ailments and physical disorders. There have been studies and anecdotal accounts that have stressed on the positives of medical marijuana and its benefits on the human health. 

However, when it comes to acquiring medical marijuana, there are several ways to get this done. For instance, you can select a leading online dispensary and source your share of medical marijuana. Today, the medical marijuana card is also gaining importance. To know more about this, you can check out Utah medical marijuana cards from Green Team Doctors

Some of the advantages of the medical marijuana card include the following:

  • It brings down the cost

Having a medical marijuana card can save your money in the long run and help you get marijuana at a lesser price. After marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes in most states, the taxes increased. Do you buy cannabis daily? Then you will end up paying more money if you don’t invest in the med card. 

In several states, the taxes on cannabis that you purchase with a medical marijuana card get lowered or exempted altogether. The recreational customers can pay the excise taxes anywhere between 15 to 37% based on the state that you are in. The standard taxes is applicable for the medical marijuana products. When you pay to obtain the card, it can save you several dollars all through the year when you buy your share of cannabis. 

  • The increased possession limits, buying limits, and the capacity to grow an increasing number of marijuana

There are strict limits on the way cannabis recreational customers can buy, whereas medical marijuana cards can enable you to buy more. For example, in California, medical patients are able to buy as much as 8 ounces a day. However, recreational users can only buy 1 ounce a day. When you have a medical marijuana card, you can get an increasing number of cannabis from the dispensary. 

The various limitations can apply to the medical cannabis card holders compared to the recreational users for home cultivation and possession. The card holders allow you to possess an increased quantity of cannabis and to grow an increasing number of plants based on the marijuana laws of the state. For leisure purpose, in places like Nevada, the cannabis users can have an ounce of cannabis, whereas medical cannabis users can have as much as 2.5 ounces. 

Finally, it helps to reduce the age restrictions. The majority of the states make use of recreational cannabis for adults who are 21 years and more. The cannabis consumption remains illegal for people who are beneath their age. But some young patients need medical marijuana who are beneath that age. They might need medical marijuana to treat conditions like cancer and epilepsy. It is here that the medical marijuana card is helpful and helps the users to have access to medical cannabis even when they don’t meet the age criteria.