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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Reliable EV Charger Manufacturer

One cannot stress the importance of selecting a reputable EV charger manufacturer in the quickly changing world of electric vehicles (EVs). Reliability is crucial for effective charging and maintaining the lifespan and functionality of your electric car. This choice affects EV technology’s wider acceptance, success, and user experience.

Identifying a Competent EV Charger Manufacturer

To guarantee a dependable and practical charging experience for your electric vehicle, it is imperative to consider several important factors when choosing an EV charger manufacturer. Making an informed decision can be easier with the help of this concise guide:

  • Reputation: A manufacturer’s standing in the electric vehicle market is a reliable gauge of the caliber and dependability of their goods. Seek out businesses that have received excellent industry recognition and client testimonials; these are frequently indicators of a reliable and well-respected manufacturer.
  • Experience: A manufacturer’s familiarity with electric vehicle charging technology is essential. Companies in the EV charging infrastructure business for a long time are more likely to provide inventive and dependable products because they have developed with the industry.
  • Product Line: A wide range of products indicates that a manufacturer can meet different client demands. An indication of a manufacturer’s dedication to adaptability and innovation is the availability of various EV chargers appropriate for multiple vehicle types and charging needs.
  • Warranty: A broad warranty indicates the manufacturer’s faith in their creations. It guarantees long-term dependability and client satisfaction, making it an important consideration.
  • Customer Support: Adequate and prompt customer service is essential in the EV charging industry. To ensure a hassle-free charging experience, good support should include installation guidance, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

Leading EV Charger Manufacturers

Many producers fit the requirements above, but let us concentrate on three famous EV charger manufacturers:

1. Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger for Electric Vehicles 

Sungrow’s website features this charger, which stands out for its cutting-edge technology and efficiency. It is the perfect option for personal and business use, demonstrating Sungrow’s dedication to innovation with its power and usability balance.

2. Electric Smart Home Wallbox

Prominent for its intuitive interface and intelligent functionalities, the product described at Electrly embodies state-of-the-art household charging options. It is an excellent option for residential users due to its simplicity and compatibility with home systems.

3. ABB Terra AC wallbox

The robustness and dependability of ABB’s charger are well-documented on their website. It is evidence of ABB’s extensive experience in the industry that they provide a reliable and effective charging option for various EVs.

Brief Product Comparison

Here, we will briefly compare the products of the three manufacturers:

Power Output

Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger for Electric Vehicles has a maximum charge power of 11 kW and a nominal voltage of 400V. While Electric Smart Home Wallbox’s rated power is 7kW / 11kW, corresponding to rated voltages of 230V AC / 400V AC. ABB Terra AC wallbox’s output parameters are single phase up to 7.4 kW / 32A and three phase up to 22 kW / 32 A.


Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger for Electric Vehicles is compatible with Sungrow 3-phase Solution or as a stand-alone product. With different charging modes, it is compatible with standard electric vehicles to fit all needs. Electric Smart Home Wallbox and ABB Terra AC wallbox both have Type 1 or Type 2 charging cables.


Electric Smart Home Wallbox offers a 2-year warranty. ABB Terra AC wallbox is characterized by having built-in energy meters and setting up external energy meter integration for load management. When it comes to Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger for Electric Vehicles, it has to be mentioned that it can be controlled and managed via APP or external EMS. With its space-saving dimensions, it is suitable for wall mounting or optional pole mounting. It also comes with a 2.5-year warranty and an optional 5-year warranty.


It is crucial to have safety features. Electric Smart Home Wallbox has multiple layers of electrical protection. ABB Terra AC wallbox ABB has overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage protection. Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger for Electric Vehicles stands out for its over/under voltage protection, overload protection, and over temperature protection. It also integrates 6mA DC fault detection for ultimate safety.

Comparison Chart

Aspect/Brand Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger Electric Smart Home Wallbox ABB Terra AC Wallbox
Power Output Maximum charge power of 11 kw and a nominal voltage of 400V Rated power is 7kw / 11kw, corresponding to rated voltages of 230V AC / 400V AC Single phase up to 7.4 kw / 32A and three phase up to 22 kw / 32 A
  • Compatible with Sungrow 3-phase Solution or as a stand-alone product. 
  • Various charging modes for standard electric vehicles
Type 1 or Type 2 charging cables for compatibility with standard electric vehicles. Type 1 or Type 2 charging cables for compatibility with standard electric vehicles.
  • Controlled and managed via APP or external EMS. 
  • Space-saving dimensions for wall or optional pole mounting. 
  • 2.5-year warranty with an optional 5-year warranty
  • 2-year warranty
  • Built-in energy meters. 
  • External energy meter integration for load management.
  • Over/under voltage protection
  • Overload protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Integrated 6mA DC fault detection
  • Multiple layers of electrical protection
  • Overcurrent, overvoltage, and undervoltage protection.

From the comparison, it’s clear that Sungrow’s 7/11 kW AC Charger for Electric Vehicles is the best choice for a reliable EV charger.

Red Flags in Choosing an EV Charger Manufacturer

It is crucial to choose the correct charger manufacturer. But there are a few warning signs to watch out for:

Unusually Low Prices

While choosing a charger at a meager cost may be alluring, it frequently indicates more inferior quality. Investing in quality in EV charging equates to investing in safety and dependability. Cheap chargers may require frequent repairs and replacements due to lack of durability.

Lack of Transparency

A trustworthy charger supplier should be open and honest about their goods and services. This covers precise details regarding the product’s features, the terms of the warranty, and the customer support options. An absence of transparency is a significant warning sign of possible problems with the product or the company’s credibility.

Poor Customer Reviews

In the era of technology, customer reviews have become a treasure trove of information. They offer practical perceptions of the functionality of a product and the caliber of the manufacturer’s support. Customers should be wary of poor reviews, particularly if they repeatedly bring up the same problems. They may point to hidden product issues or how the business handles customer service.


Sungrow stands out for its dedication to quality, innovation, and client satisfaction. Their chargers are not only dependable and efficient, but they also guarantee top-notch customer service and a warranty. By selecting Sungrow, you are investing in a seamless, secure, and sustainable future for electric car charging.