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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Used Books on Amazon

Preferred by millions of people around the world, the Amazon platform is indeed the big name of online platforms. It’s a prevalent eCommerce website for shoppers and sellers with no country limitations. With more than 12 million items, Amazon has been tempting a substantial number of clients. And Amazon even allows sellers to sell used items and books online.

So, in case you store used books, you can sell them on Amazon. But do you know how to do that? Well, in this article below, we are going to help you with the process to sell used books on Amazon. We are providing a step-by-step guide for you to do a profitable business on Amazon by selling used books.

Now, let’s start the journey!

Can I Sell Used Books on Amazon?

Yes, Amazon allows sellers to sell used books. The best option for smaller local brands is used books. These are simple to locate at real estate sales, thrift shops, libraries, and bookstores. Also, you may always purchase them at a low price to sell on Amazon and earn a profit.

Amazon now has quite specific guidelines for merchants of used books. The terms & conditions set out by Amazon are as follows:

Used – Like New: Here, the book may have slight defects on the pages, cover, or simply a dust cover. Dust covers are intact as well as the pages are neat & clean and not spoiled by notes. 

Used – Very Good: The book may have insignificant defects on the pages, covers, or dust covers. Here, dust covers, shrink wrap, or boxed set cases may be missing. 

Used – Good: Here, all pages & covers are unchanged (such as the dust covers, in case applicable). The spine may indicate signs of wear and tear. Pages may contain limited highlights and notes. May include labels like “From the library of”. Shrink dust covers, wraps, or boxed set cases may be missing.

Used – Acceptable: Here, all pages and covers must be intact, however, dust covers, shrink wrap, or even boxed set cases may be missing. And pages may contain limited highlighting, notes, or even minor water damage, although the texts are readable. 

Unacceptable: May have missing pages as well as unreadable or obscured texts. Amazon also does not allow the sale of advanced reading copies, such as uncorrected proofs, of not-yet-published or in-print books.

The demand for used books is not as high as that for new ones. To earn a profit, you can always raise the price. Unique finds will also cost a lot of money to resale. Also, using the “recycled” component in marketing might assist reach an ever-growing demographic of consumers that care about the environment.

You could also open a shop selling rare books. You’ll have access to niche markets because of this. You might be working with the books listed below, for instance:

  • First editions & uncorrected proofs
  • Rare books 
  • Autographed books

How To Sell Used Book On Amazon?

To start Amazon Selling used books via FBA you will need 3 things: books, a seller account, and also a fulfillment process. Here, we will explore all you should know about each method

FBM or Fulfilled-by-Merchant

In Fulfilled-by-Merchant, the seller will have to create a listing and then pack as well as ship the book themselves. This option is great for sellers who got a great network.

AMZ Or Amazon Vendors 

In Amazon Vendors, the seller will have to sell the book directly to Amazon through Vendor Central services. It is for those sellers that require quick unloading of plenty of items.

FBA or Fulfilled-by-Amazon

In Fulfilled-by-Amazon, the seller will have to make the listing, but Amazon will store, pack, as well as ship the items for a fee. Items of Fulfilled-by-Amazon sellers are eligible for quick and free shipping. This’s the most favored option among new sellers.

Fulfilled-by-Amazon Selling Used Books

To those sellers who have not heard of Fulfilled-by-Amazon yet, it’s an Amazon option that offers the following to its sellers to run a business on Amazon:

  • Access to the Amazon fulfillment centers that permit sellers to store and ship their items with a certain fee per month.
  • Choosing, packing, as well as shipping the items of a vendor to the shopper once an order has been placed by the shopper
  • Handling of problems on client service on the vendor’s behalf like complaints, returns,  and also other issues that a buyer may face
  • Admittance to the product shipping method of Amazon Prime for shoppers to get purchased items faster

Now you can just pack your used books as well as send them directly to Amazon (FBA), who takes care of everything, rather than spending 3-4 hours packaging books and another 30 minutes waiting for nothing at the post office.

Also, when you use FBA, it gives your potential customers the trust that your book is checked by Amazon and that it is safe to buy even after the book is used. 

The Best Places to Buy Old Books

You truly only have a few sourcing possibilities if you wish to sell used books:

  • Wholesalers: These companies purchase a lot of books from publishers with the intention of reselling them to other firms.
  • Own Used Books: You can sell books that you do not read anymore. By doing this, you can earn some profit.

You’ll need a sizable budget for each of these possibilities because you’ll need to buy in quantity. On the plus side, since you’re purchasing a large number of books at once, your per-book cost will be low, increasing the profit from each sale.


To sum up, it’s not simple to sell used books on Amazon. You will need to carefully choose what kinds of used books to sell and be able to carry out the procedures.

With the help of our step-by-step instructions, you should be able to map out your future path and write your own success tale in this field.

You have a lot of opportunities available to you, so don’t wait and start sending your carefully packaged used books out right away and earn money.