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The Ultimate Showdown – Netflix Vs. Amazon Prime

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The Best Streaming Service? – You Decide! 

Despite the amazing technological advances, stress, depression, and boredom are rampant worldwide – the youth being the most affected. 31% are already stressed, and a staggering 35% believe they will be stressed even more in the coming years. If only we had some way to deliver entertainment to us, where and when we desire… 

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have come across Netflix or Amazon Prime. The major players in the streaming industry, which is expected to be worth $330 billion by 2030, make these two platforms a force to be reckoned with.

Both platforms offer a plethora of content & innovative yet easy-to-use features built to entice you into buying that subscription. How, then, are you to choose between these two juggernauts?

Fret not. In this article. We will dissect both these platforms to help you get the pick of the lot.

So, fluff up that pillow, grab yourself a drink, lean back & let’s do this…

Round 1 – Netflix

Brace yourself as we crack open Netflix and tell you what makes it tick:


The hallmark of an excellent streaming service is the number of subscribers. With an unbelievable 220 million people worldwide hooked up to the Netflix platform as paid subscribers, there is no doubt that this platform not only has the money game down but also has the marketing and technical chops to entice and retain customers across cultural lines.

Service Availability

They say that you can not have too many good things. This could not be farther from the truth since the ever-increasingly popular platform of Netflix has already conquered the globe with its service available in over 190 countries. Tailored content featured depending on the country you are accessing from the platform ensures entertainment consistent with your regional norms & tastes, giving this platform the competitive edge.

Content Diversity 

Netflix has a huge diversity of content featured on its platform, which is free to enjoy after you subscribe. With a ginormous library boasting over 36,000 hours at your disposal. When further broken down, the massive collection of content has over 50,000 titles, amounting to 5817 seasons excluding the episode. 

But the fun doesn’t stop here since featured here are over 1940 TV shows and 3781 movies, making entertainment guaranteed. Netflix is a forward-thinking company and has assessed that it must reduce its dependence on mainstream content to survive. Therefore, the company has populated its library with more original titles that make up to 40% of the total content. Netflix originals are definitely enough to stay ahead of the competition and dominate the market.

Subscription Rates and Revenue

The magic of the Netflix experience can be yours for a well-deserved subscription fee, divided into two easy-to-pay packages. The standard package is $12.99/month & Premium for $17.99/month.

Being a global enterprise means that depending on where you live, the rates are flexible to fit your pocket. For instance, in Turkey it is $1.96/month, in Ukraine, it’s $5.63 & in India, it’s $2.62, just to name a few. With an exceptional annual revenue of $25.7 billion, Netflix is leading the charge in the streaming industry.

Round 2 – Amazon Prime

Next to dissect is Amazon Prime. So let’s get cracking:


Amazon Prime has quickly captured the market and is poised to make Netflix nervous. With a close second to the number of subscribers. Global Amazon Prime members are a resounding 200 million.

Service Availability

The service availability across the globe is a critical factor since it determines whether you can enjoy the service or not. From a customer’s point of view, service is irrelevant if you need a VPN or other workarounds to use it. As of today, Amazon Prime has service in 22 countries.

Content Diversity

Amazon Prime’s powerhouse is the world’s largest content library, featuring over 26,700  movies and more than 2,700 TV shows. With this diverse collection, Amazon has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment value. Looking to overpower the competition and stay in the game, Amazon also features 11% original content and is poised to increase this percentage in the coming years.

Subscription Rated & Revenue

An Amazon Prime membership will set you back $14.99/ month or $69 annually. The platform is currently earning an impressive $25.21 billion. Despite its service in fewer countries worldwide, this platform has the potential to give Netflix a run for its money.

The Knockout

Well… here we are; both platforms are pretty evenly matched. Where Netflix offers extensive global service and more original content, Amazon Prime has the most extensive content catalog. With a very closely matched revenue, it is difficult to choose. 

However, based on the fact that Netflix has more subscribers & a more flexible fee structure, and better content filtering per your country’s norms, we would recommend Netflix for now. Remember that both are exceptional services, and it’s all about your personal preference since the rates are almost the same. So, choose the one that catches your fancy and always stay entertained and updated about all the tech news and your daily dose of entertainment on DigitalSoLoMo