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The Use Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Predicting Soccer Matches

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various sectors of our everyday life, generally with an aim to make our daily activities easier. This technology has shown its prowess in virtually anything, from self-driving cars to content creation. With its growing reach, it’s only right it has some impact on the sports industry, especially soccer. Now, you can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to predict scores on upcoming matches based on past information you feed it.

Undoubtedly, this is bound to revolutionize football predictions which you can find here – Before now, punters relied heavily on football betting tips from professional analysts and their instincts to wager on a game or tournament. Now, with the use of AI, you crunch out numbers and possibly predict the outcome of a game within a few seconds. Some of the popular AI technologies that we’ve seen used in predictions include Betegy, AccaStats, Football AI, PredictBet, and

These AI technologies work based on the use of machine learning algorithms. You feed them with data about teams, including their past performances, players’ ratings & statistics, and recent results from football matches. Using this data, they give out a percentage winning rate of each time, and you can choose to use that to bet. Over their years of use, most of these AI technologies have had a prediction accuracy of less than 90%. This begs the question of if they can really be accurate in football match prediction.


Can AI Be Accurate In Making Football Match Predictions?

A football match is influenced by various factors that most AI matches cannot catch. As established, AI predicts based on what data you give it, and for the results to be accurate, the games it’s predicting must have a few constants. These will include the team playing to the strength of their past matches, the players’ ratings remaining the same, and all players that played the last games must play the predicted game.

However, there are no constants in a football match other than the fixed 90 minutes of playtime. Even that is subject to review when there’s extra time that may be prolonged by an injury or foul. Hence, AI may never be able to predict a football match accurately. More factors that can affect a game’s outcome that will not be taken into consideration by AI include the team’s motivation, the referee’s partiality/impartiality, the player’s injury during a game, and a sudden change in weather conditions.

Unless there’s an AI technology that can foresee these factors, predictions will always be lower than 100%. Also, in long-term tournaments such as world cup events, AI has even lesser accuracy on results. This is because there are no consistent data for the AI to use, and teams’ spirits are usually high during this period. Besides, AI technologies were used for the past world cup event, and most of them had less than 67% accuracy.

What Are The Differences In Using A Professional Analyst and AI In Predicting Football Matches?

Professional analysts are more elaborate in how they review matches and factor in potential events that could alter the results of a game. For instance, a professional analyst can assess a football match from different perspectives based on the number of times both particular teams have met and the recent forms of the teams. Also, professional analysts are more hands-on with information, getting insider updates on lineups, team spirit, and management tactics.

A professional analyst will give you a rundown on officiating referees, expected weather conditions, and potential extra time. All of these still put a professional analyst ahead of AI technology in prediction accuracy.

What Tips Should You Know In Using AI to Predict Football Matches?

If you still want to use AI to predict your football matches results, you should have these important tips in your mind.

  • Collect predictions from more than one AI: Currently, AI predictions are hard to rely on, and you should always use more than one tool to get predictions. Each AI technology has a different way of analyzing results, which might help you in making a decision.
  • Know the limits of the AI tools: As established, AI only works based on historical data given. This makes it a very limited option in predicting matches, considering the various factors that could alter a match’s outcome.
  • Bet wisely and responsibly: If you’re adamant about solely using AI for your game predictions, be smart enough to bet only with disposable income.


As AI continues to develop daily, it might get to the point where it takes in all various factors in an upcoming match or tournament and predicts the outcome accurately. However, for now, professional analysts reign superior and have the best chance of giving you returns worthy of your wagers.