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The Value of a College Education

To start with, the rising costs of college education is becoming a threat to many, leaving them with many questions, if there is a possibility of continuing with education outside high school. Actually, many are in a dilemma of choosing higher education or employment which will enable them to earn a living. However, this is a major threat to those families that are already struggling minus college education fee. Even though, the college education is expensive the fact remains that knowledge is a treasure and has to be invested on. Notably, it is vital to weigh the benefits that come with investing in college education. If your choice is still about employment, remember that you need a high-quality resume. To do this, you can use 1 resume writing service

The benefits of higher education or how to quickly recoup college.

In connection to this, there are many benefits that come with higher education and it is worth consideration. In line with this, higher education comes with economical benefits which outweigh that of high school leavers. This is because students with degrees mostly earn almost twice as the high school leavers (Boston, 1997). In fact, a graduate is in a position to get back the money used in college just in a year. In other words the cost of investing on college education is important given the earning difference between college and high school students.

As a result of this, college graduates are able to access good and more reliable leisure activities since they can afford them. Nevertheless, the public also enjoy the benefits of college attendance through tax revenues, increased labor output as well as improved expenditure.

Additionally, flexibility in the work field is also improved and this reduces dependence on the government funds. College graduates are also good in saving and investing on profitable investments as a result of their experience in college.  Apart from the increased income college, students develop socially thus appreciating the world’s diversity (Mumper,1996). In the same line of thought, the students in colleges are in a position to improve the standard of living for their children due to their wide knowledge on different ways of bringing up children. Besides this, college education enables students to make critical and wise decisions as a result of their involvement in policy making in their respective colleges. However, worldwide interaction also enables them to develop interactive abilities as they grow up. Actually, it is argued that there are strong ties between college education and cultural values as well as the growth of the economy (Mumper,1996).

In connection to this, women with higher education tend to spend so much time with their children and train them well for the future. It is also the bonding students do in college that end up to permanent future friendship. In fact, researchers argue that college education acts as heritage to one’s children whereby children are motivated to work hard and even go to higher learning institutions like their parents.

Additionally, college education has build so much on the self-confidence of the students. Consequently, students from these institutions become so competent in their fields of study and place of work which ends up elevating their status in the society (Bowen, 1997). At this point, college students get in to a better position to serve their communities and be good leaders in the society. In fact, their financial status places them in a better position of assisting the needy in their communities through sports clubs and the like. In the leadership sector, college students make better leaders as a result of their diverse experiences learned in college whereby some involve state issues.

College teaches you to overcome life’s difficulties.

Another benefit of college education is that it provides students with a wide knowledge base which students continue building on (Bowen, 1997). In essence, college education teaches one how to handle complex situations in life as well as giving vital information in all fields of life which can be referred to in future. In the same line of thought, college institutions are in position to offer other studying opportunities through the co-curriculum activities. In connection to this, outside the classroom activities like clubs enables students to grow well socially as well as getting to know that life is not all about books. It is through this co-curriculum activities that students benefit from through exchange programs as well as internships. In reality, students who do well in outside class activities can even end up being sponsored hence reducing the burden of paying tuition fee which may be a problem to a number of them. Apart from all this, college education plays a great role in eradicating robbery and drug abuse. This may be due to student mental health problems that arise from the recent inflation. It is therefore crucial to discuss these mental health challenges to find the right balance and build resilience.

At the look of things, most youths involved in drug abuse are either high school leavers or college drop outs (Levin & Belfield, 2007). It therefore comes out clearly that when people are more involved intellectually these risks of theft and drug abuse are reduced with a greater margin. This is because when an individual has enough to spend on their basic needs and leisure activities they cannot have any reason of stealing howsoever.


In summary, college education seemingly has many benefits which are worth considering. First it is its great contribution to the economy at large whereby independent citizens are brought up. In connection to this, the taxes paid by these college graduates once they are employed have an amazing role to play in the economy as well. However, the financial stability of these graduates enables them to assist their communities intellectually and financially. In addition to this, college institutions have continually provided the best places for refining social transformation where people meet and bond. Finally, college education has as well contributed in the reduction of drug abuse as well as robbery which are a threat to the security of the society.