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The Viking’s Offense Wants to Keep a Good Rhythm in Motown

The Vikings have actually managed to win back-to-back games. This is the first time that they have done this in the entire season. The main way that they have been able to come out on top is because they have been using a very balanced offense to try and get the job done. When they played against the Giants, they were able to run for 211 yards and this tied them for a season high. They were also able to throw for 279 yards too. This was a season-best for them and they took advantage of 490 yards for the whole offense. Kirk Cousins set a season best when he was up against Philly and when you add all of the statistics together, you will soon see that they have been able to compile over 937 yards in a total of two games. This is better than any two games they have played since Zimmer joined them in the year 2014.

Fan of the Vikings?

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It’s all about Rhythm

Zimmer has come out to say that it was very helpful for them to get into a rhythm after the past few weeks. He stated that when the season started, you are still essentially learning who you are and about what really works well. You also need to figure out pretty early in the year what you need to do in order to get some points on the board. It is pretty evident that Zimmer believes in his team and that he is also able to feed off their confidence boost too.

Keeping it Going

Zimmer has high hopes that he will be able to keep things going but he knows that they need to start from zero every single week. At the end of the day, you never know what the game is going to call for and you also never know when you are going to do well and when you aren’t. If you do not capitalize on moments when you can then that’s when you end up losing.

A Key Reason

One key reason for the Vikings and their success is because they have been killing it with the play-action game. They have been conducting a rushing attack that has left the other team absolutely lost. They have completed 18 out of the 23 play actions they have done and this equates to four touchdowns and 347 yards. It doesn’t matter whether the Vikings are run-heavy or pass-heavy because right now it looks like they are seriously able to push themselves and if they keep it up then this could mean great things for the team.


Cousins has stated that you need to prepare for this a lot and you also need to know when to work hard to seize the moment. Either way, things look to be going fantastically for them and if they keep going then they are going to make a lot of Vikings fans proud.