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TheWiSpy Review 2021- Best Parental and Employee Tracking Tool

The world right now has been revolutionized by technology. The innovations in digital trends are making us even more dependent on cell phones and tablets. Thanks to parental control apps for providing advanced solutions to track and control kids’ internet usage. Not only kids’ safety is at stake, but businesses are also at higher risk of facing online dangers.

Let’s review the world’s best parental control and employee tracking tool – TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy is the finest monitoring app jam-packed with quality spying features. Be it tracking employees or controlling kids’ internet usage, TWS can help you manage the digital space of your target device like a pro. 

This review will explain TheWiSpy app in terms of functionality, features, pricing, compatibility, and other factors.

So, let’s get started.

TheWiSpy Review 2021- Best Parental and Employee Tracking Tool

TheWiSpy, incorporated in 2018, is one of the best parental and employee tracking tools worldwide. The app has exponentially increased its subscribers within a very short time.

The reason?

Of course, if your child gets involved in bad internet activities and starts enjoying doing so, you’d stop him/her from such a nuisance. No matter how many times you guide your kid to use the internet safely, there will still be room for cyber threats to enter your kids’ online space. Here, parents can use third party app to spy kids devices and limit the internet exposure of their juveniles. TheWiSpy has been declared as the best parental control app of 2021, as per the current ratings. It provides parents with unlimited access to their kids’ mobile devices.

Despite parental control features, TWS is best known for providing ultimate employee tracking tools. Businesses, who face data breaches or internal scams, can now monitor their staff members’ mobile activities remotely. The practice of tracking work phones is becoming common in the corporate industry. TWS is the best employee tracking tool in the online market. With its powerful features and seamless functionality, businesses can now detect the imposters before they harm or leak a company’s confidentiality.


The review isn’t over yet. Continue reading and find the details of the features of the TWS app in the following section.

Salient Features of TheWiSpy App:

TheWiSpy is a popular software to track mobile devices. The prominent spying features of the TWS app make it stand out as the best spyware app. It not only offers the best employee tracking tools but also delivers quality features for parental monitoring.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get straight to the top spying features of the TWS app.

Call Recording & Listening:

TWS offers a promising call recording feature that lets you record mobile calls; made or received from your target device. TheWiSpy app records phone calls and uploads the taped files on an online server that the user can access anytime from anywhere.

Screen Recording & Monitoring:

The screen recording feature of TheWiSpy enables the end-user to monitor screen activities without even touching the target device. All it needs is a remote command, and TWS will start recording the ongoing mobile/tablet activities remotely. You can watch what your child/employee does on their cell phone using the screen monitoring feature.

GPS Tracking:

TheWiSpy enables you to trace the real-time whereabouts of your desired device. The app maintains a log of the visited geographical places to deliver a complete report on your target device’s location history. Also, it constantly interacts with your target device’s GPS to provide you with a live location in real-time.

Text Message Tracking:

Now, you can read the text chats of your target device remotely. TheWiSpy records every text message, sent or received, and uploads the gathered messages on a web-based dashboard, making you access the text message inbox secretly. 

Camera Spy:

Using the TWS app, the end-user can control the front and back camera of the target device. If you are monitoring your kid with TheWiSpy camera spy feature, he/she will not get any hint of the tracking activities. The same is the case with employee monitoring. You can stealthily track your employees’ surroundings by controlling their work phone cameras via taking photos and recording videos.

Surround Recording & Listening:

TheWiSpy surround recording is one of the most extraordinary features of this spyware app. The spyware bugs the microphone of your target device and records all the sounds surrounding the target phone or tablet. This feature can help you discover what is happening around your target device.

Other Features:

TheWiSpy indeed offers striking features to help you explore what is happening in and around your target device. The features list is extensive; that is why we are going to mention the remaining features of the TWS app here.

  • Call Logs Tracking
  • Contacts Monitoring
  • Multimedia Monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Screenshot Capturing
  • Wi-Fi Logs Monitoring
  • Calendar Dates Tracking
  • Memos/Reminders Monitoring

When it comes to the best parental control app of 2021, TheWiSpy takes the first position by delivering extravagant monitoring and tracking features.

TheWiSpy Supported Devices:

TWS is a digital monitor to track Android devices. There are a bunch of famous device manufacturers that launch Android-powered devices. Using the TWS app, you can monitor Samsung, Google, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, OPPO, LG, and many other devices. TWS supports Android devices from operating system 4 to the latest. However, to track the advanced Android OS, there are certain limitations to be considered.

TheWiSpy Installation Guide:

First of all, you have to visit TWS official website to choose and purchase the licensed subscription. Once you buy the TWS license, you can install the spyware on the device you wish to monitor.

  • Hold and unlock your target device.
  • Open the browser and enter the TWS download link received by the license purchase confirmation email.
  • Install and set up the TheWiSpy monitor on your target device. 
  • During the configuration settings, you will be asked to allow certain accessibility permissions in order to let TWS take complete control of your target device.
  • Allow the requested permissions.
  • Hide the spyware icon when the configuration is completed.
  • Now, sign in to your dashboard using TWS registered email and password.
  • From the dashboard, choose the features to monitor and enjoy high-end spying.

For your convenience, TheWiSpy provides you with a more precise step-by-step installation guide upon registration. You can simply follow the mentioned steps to set up TWS on the device you wish to monitor.

TheWiSpy Bundles & Pricing:

Note that, TheWiSpy functionality varies concerning bundles and subscription plans. TWS starter and basic plans offer standard monitoring features. In contrast, the premium subscription offers all the features, including standard and advanced functionality.

The details of TWS subscription packages are as follows:

Starter Plan:

15-Days – $9.99

Basic Plan:

1-Month – $19.99

3-Months – $49.99

6-Months – $79.99

Premium Plan:

1-Month – $29.99

3-Months – $59.99

6-Months – $89.99


TheWiSpy Customer Reviews:

There are many TheWiSpy customer reviews available on the internet. This section will mention some top customer reviews to make you understand the TWS app better. 

Elizabeth Mayoral wrote that TWS was the best parental monitoring solution she has ever tried. She also recommended TheWiSpy app to parents who want to watch out for their kids online and offline. In her review, she particularly mentioned app monitoring, screen recording, and camera spy features as the best tool to monitor children while you are away.

TheWiSpy user Bob Michael wrote that his friend suggested using the TWS app for workforce monitoring. He referred to TWS as the best employee tracking tool. As per his comments, TheWiSpy app gave him peace of mind by delivering comprehensive workforce mobile usage reporting. 

Another TheWiSpy user, a working mother, Sarah Harley, reviewed the TWS app and mentioned it as a superlative monitoring app that helped her track her children while staying at the office. She said the TWS app has proved to be a complete package for parental monitoring, especially for those parents who are stuck up at work all day long.

TheWiSpy app has several positive reviews to count on. However, some customers find the app inconvenient for not providing features like social media monitoring and WhatsApp monitoring. The ratio of good reviews and ratings is still high, making TheWiSpy the best parental control app of 2021. 


Conclusion – TheWiSpy Review:

TheWiSpy is the most powerful monitoring app for parental and corporate use in the marketplace. With outstanding features and robust functionality, TWS stands out as a handy monitoring tool to track employees and kids. TheWiSpy features for tracking mobile devices f with the fewest chances of getting into trouble.